COFFEE @ two o'clock AM

COFFEE @ two o'clock AM
A post on baking a midnight cake

Yes! Pulling again an all-nighter...

Here are my reasonable reasons:

1.) 8:30 - Quiz on EnE 31: Wastewater treatment!

2.) 2:30 - 2 POST Laboratory Report on Chem 31.1
3.) 1:00 - Quiz on Chem 31: Alkyl Halide Synthesis Reactions

My current table setting is not so bad.. I organized a little of my stuff a while ago.

I should, for once, ACE my quizzes tomorrow!
GO! Go!

As for my coffee, i had 1 intense NESCAFE 3IN1 at 12 o'clock midnight and another one, a Bon VIVANT 3IN1, this time @ two o'clock...
YOu know what? 3in1 coffee mix are overrated, i tell you. don't even try to go to grocery stores buying this cancer stuff, it kills people (statistically incorrect!).

Nescafe Intense: zombify your eyes
BON VIVANT: reincarnate you.
Believe me, it works! (bangag state!)

Why always an all-nighter? one reason is that it's a little quiet around here from midnight till dawn. You see, my roommate is gone and i don't know where he went and why. We had a party a while ago and it was noisy and all: running around the corridor butt-naked, banging doors and screeching yells across the west wing, unreprimanded outsiders come and go, roomhoppers as usual. And believe me, the pathology of male Ipil Dormer is much worse than that. But i'm glad i can suppress everything and deal with it in a more mature perspective this time. I am less confrontational and more open-minded to such barbaric beings.

Kuya glenn's party hat!
I never went to that party, it's borring and futile!
Useless! disorganize! Weird!
I hate Dorm parties!
It doesn't make sense!
it's odd to have a party with someone you usually
see everytime you walked by the corridor.