Current Mental State: Saturday Fever

Current Mental State: Weekend Fever
A Blog about my suave Weekend Schedule

My class in ChE 32 have just ended a few minutes ago and i'm back to blogging. I made a take-out again at the legendary Lola Lita's Canteen at S.C. God i smell awful! maybe because of my shirt, darn that labandera i have. So this are my task over the weekend! I should be positive that i would finish everything by sunday night or maybe monday night.

1.) Chemistry 153 EXCLUSIVE REVIEW: This is my number one task over the weekend... I have to psychologically bond with Mrs. Llaguno's, my chem teacher,
state of mind. I need to feel it, that heat coming from my temple. I need to feel that eagerness to harness my deepest desire to study the subject. because on Monday, 4-6pm, would be judgment day at PH 1318. I love Physical Chemistry, I love my teacher though when she smiles she has this set wrinkling forehead that i couldn't stand as if she looks like she's frowning. I am invariably amazed by chem teachers. They such cuddly human beings.

2.) ChE 32 Exam and Problem Set: To all Chemical engineering studs out there bear with me with this moment. I know we can do this. We are intelligent beings, we can do this. Maam Ninette's problem set and exam weigh's a lot against my formal report in organic Chemistry. It's a lot of hard work, and i should start reviewing this saturday to lessen my haggard level by Friday. I should digest every detail. I must. we work in a 4-member group, thank God! but then it would consume a lot free time during the week.

3.) Chemistry 31 Formal Report: I musty admit that this is pretty darn easy because i borrowed/copied an old testiment from last sem chem 31 taker, also my chem eng'g batchmate and friend, Tonton. it was such a great help for us partners, Jana and I. It just needs a little of modification here and there. i know, i know, i know. Academic Dishonesty, yah yah! we all know it, but there is no harm done. We planned to totally revised his paper and add up some details to show our originality. So there would be a totally different set of ideas, gets! so no harm done. We jsut need to get a quickie because we have the same concern---freaking EXAMS over the week.

4.) SM CINEMA GALORE... imagine this, balancing social life and academic life with a lot of money wasted. i admit i am an over-spender, but hey, there nothing wrong there. (I usually justify myself, hehe) I just need to hang out a little bit, so i planned during my birthday to invite 3 of my friends which i got from the raffling my friends name during my party last july 4. It turned out that only one is available this afternoon. Thank God! I could buy Starbucks, and enjoy the bliss of the theater with extra cash for everything. (I feel so materialistic and guilty for believing i am)

5.) BLOGS to go... I have to do 4 blogs, excluding this, all which i have planned during the week. So hang in there, some good stuff ae comming soon. preview: One would be about MALE VANITY, another would be a Food Critique on Long Island (a bistro beside Main Lib), another one would be about my favorite: STARBUCKS and the fact that i love coffee, and the last one would be about Kyle XY ( a series that i am currently watching!)


A note: For my readers, i know have a lot of gramatical errors on my blog entries. i'm sorry but i have to admit that a lot of my random thoughts are boundless, spontaneous, and sometimes cryptic so grammar breakdown at that level. Thanks!

Stick around for more posts... you'll enjoy it... have a great weekend.

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