D-DAY: It seemed clearer

D-DAY: It seemed clearer
A blog about my exam in ChE 32


So what really happened after that 4 hour sleep is heaven and hell colliding!

i woke up a lil bit early than my 7:30 routine. Incidentally, my odd friend Manuel came up at my door also sleepy. We ate breakfast at Rodick's Diner, and he also pulled an all-nighter. Unlike me, he spend the night eye-balling on NARUTO Manga until he realized it was 5 AM and he forgot to sleep. this is quite a frustration! to think that he pulled out an all-nighter on a Manga and me on combustion analysis of fuels. It is UNfair.

After that, I slipped into my morning routine: bath-dress-brush-bodyspray-keys-umbrella-Cellphone-wallet-ID. When everything is ready i went out deliberately. and the sun was a beauty shining it's rays into my face. its like mornings at Casiguran, a very intoxicating feeling of well-being and tranquility.

Everything illuminates in perfect trance.

Arriving at MH 321 i figured out, everyone looked like me: sleepy, haggard and nevously wrecked. I felt that everyone is unapproachable, too busy, except my prob set groupmate, Camille Calderon, who haven't slept at all.

Her eyes were as red as mine. We shared the same frustration: we don't understand the lesson very well.

After a few minutes later Steff, my prob set group mate, arrived.

and yes, she slept. And she slept early.

And after a few minutes Maam Ninette arrived.

We made excuses, passed the prob set, which we did not finished at all, and she gave us the exam questionnaire.

After everything, this is it... THE EXAM!

I was totally blown away.

Take a look at it. For the next five hours starting 8:30 to 1:00 PM, i realized i should have got a good night sleep. I almost cried in my seat. I didn't know where to begin. I organize my thoughts, furiously trying to find the connections between components. And to also realize how hard it was to be a chemical Engineer.

Number three is the hardest of all problems.

And finally everything ended.

And i slept all afternoon, undisturbed.