ES 13 First L.E. : Manuel's Noteworthy Reaction

ES 13 First L.E. : Manuel's Noteworthy Reaction

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Sometimes when all that is left on a room full of shit is li'l of your dignity, all you could ever wished for is a miracle. But wishing for a miracle gets a sidestroke with a rationalization about your decisions in life. We, Engineering students of the University of the Philippines, get rationalizations every time.

Here is an example of a very good rationalization of my odd friend/food-buddy Manuel Portento Jr. about his ES 13 exam which would also lead to his rationalization about his career, being a Mechanical Engineering.


Manuel Portento Jr.


Reaction Paper on FIRST EXAM

The exam was HARD. I will start my critique in problem no. 3. It was OK. I think it is the easiest among the three given sets of problems. It is about strain and stress problem and the relation E/2G=1+v… is that right?

Next is problem no.1. I think it is an average problem. The most difficult part of it is finding the volume of the tank because of its dimensions. Also, the angle problem made it harder because of trigonometric properties.

Last is the PROBLEM NO. 2. It is the most difficult among the three. I hard finding difficult for it to solve because of the complexity of the structure. Also, the geometry of the problem is a big part. In addition to this, the confusion regarding whether the member is in tension or compression become my problem.

I tried to solve problems on the book however the format is really different on what I’ve expected it. In general, the exam was difficult…. I hope next time the exam will be FAIR for the students.


"Ang hirap!"

A commonplace expression, a prank, funny reaction about our singular life as an Engineering undergrad in U.P. Yet rationalizations could possibly lead to somewhere depressing like shifting out from one's major or to somewhere reassuring like a motivation to strive for excellence, we all end up to somewhere that we want to.

But gladly after the graduation, we, engineering students, will be sweating GOLD! and that is fact!