G. Apacible Street corner Magsaysay Avenue: Corners of my mind

G. Apacible Street corner Magsaysay Avenue:
Corners of my mind
A blog about some thoughts

In my journey towards the dormitory, i scurried on some of my thoughts. i wanted to go somewhere. Somewhere fine and calm. I wondered, Starbucks again. I'll go there. i have to escape.

Apparently, i need money: one of the moments that i usually hate. Knowing that everything is restricted by money.

it's 1:55 AM. and my roommate, Kuya Glenn is sleep-talking again. Manuel is not around to bother me. I am all alone and i should be sleeping this time. GOd, im such an insomniac. I fear that most of my memories would suddenly start to be cast off from my head because of sleep deprivation. A couple of hour from now, two exam results will be given, one is from my exam last monday in Chemistry 153 and the other would be my exam in GE 1. Hopefully none of these exams would be lower than 60%. If it's not, then i should have no reason not to go to Starbucks. I also have an exam tomorrow on my major Chem Eng'g 32. I still haven't mastered yet the craft of chemical engineering calculations.

I also will be emailing Kuya Rattyyyy the deliverables.

I wondered how my day would go today. I still have to sleep... i need to!

and by saturday i have to buy an orange BiC high lighter to put color when i study. I love studying with an BiC orange and yellow highlighter. They make the readings stand out.

I am still thinking of joining another organization this semester. Manuel invited me to join U.P. RCY. What do you think? i am still gettign text messages from officers telling some stuffs for the application. I am also having trouble on putting the GYM sessions every month now i have a registration fee for the months of July and August.

i need to slim down. it for my health's sake. I am becoming slouchy and slow, though i got a high mark on my rapelling practicals last monday, i still need to focus on staying healthy and robust. by fats are building up.

Do you think i should resort to anorexic activities?

My short and pants are tightening, and i still don't have a motivation on applying for membership at the gym. I still need to think about it.

and i really need to sleep...

Nyt! ya all.