A blog on going back to the Pumping business

Some facts that you currently don't know about me:
1.) My Body Mass Index is 28.7 kg/ cu. m
2.) My weight is 82 kg/180 lbs
3.) My height is 5 ft 6.5 "
4.) My fat index is 24.9%

in other words, i'm not a normal 19 year old male!

if you don't know being normal here are the stats:

a normal 19 year old young male adult should have a BMI of around 18.5 to 24.9. If you go up a little higher then you are overweight and if you go down a notch from the lower limit, then you are underweight. Either way, you're not normal. My normal weight should not exceed the limits from 52.8 kg to 71.1 kg, and my body fat index should not exceed 14-20%. This makes me an outlier from the normal 19 year old male and i was shock to found out abotu this.

Anyway, here is the printout of that dianostic machine at Mercury Drug Philcoa, you know, the one besides the counter?

It even has a heart rate sumtin graph!

i had a rapelling class this morning and i got some interesting pics. We did the Ausie Walkdown and i was sweating like hell.

This is not me, but one of my teammate. He's doin Ausie
Cool, huh?

On top of the tower, Arolf, the big guy and also
my teammate is motivated by out J.I.
Kuya Jeff (not clear in the picture)

Some of my teammates laughing about something
Anyway, i took a shot a little further away from them
so i couldn't hear them, but i'm sure it's funny!

My sneakers on a wet grass.

Other kampo-uno people!

Mosquito breeders. Series of tires filled
with stagnant water (arghhh! i didn't apply OFF
this time)

So i finally decided to enter the University Hotel Gym's Fat reduction program until i have lost weight. After having a strong motivition of the fact that my fat index is way higher than normal. It just freaks me out. When i was in high school, my BMI is 23.4, and that's a little closer to the upper limit. 3 years later, i ballooned like hell. So i decider to consider a three-day per week ritual. MWF 2:30 to 4:00 adjustable according to circumstances. My goal is to loose weight and to lower it down by 15 kg. and after reading countless stuff about lossing weight i am more determined than ever.

Me, half naked (ohh) cuming from the shower room
I sweat a bucket :))

I am more concern with my weight than any other results if i pursue this endeavor.

So take a look at the gym:

this is where most of your Leg muscles are torned

A photo hanged on the Male shower room ---
this is also a preview on how i would
look like if i continue the pumpin!

Some Extra equipments at the Men's Shower room

So that's my exhilirating day inside the University!


Did you enjoy your Mondays guys?