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Juicy Gs and Starbucks!
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Welcome to a third-world country.

So instead of starting talking about Starbucks, i want first to talk about sleep Bruxism. Well, i'm an avid fan of this Men's magazine www.askmen.com. And i was searching through the site and i found this:

Sleep bruxism

What is it?
Bruxism simply refers to teeth grinding and it’s often done in conjunction with the clenching of the jaw. Though most people with this sleep disorder are unaware of it, bruxism can certainly be the cause of sleeplessness in others (your sleeping partner may never forgive you for that nails-on-chalkboard sound of teeth grinding). And those who sleep alone only become aware of their condition when complications appear: worn teeth, severe headaches, jaw pain, chronic facial pain, and so on.

What causes it?
The cause of sleep bruxism is not well understood and can vary significantly from person to person. Daily stress and anxiety, suppressed anger and hyperactive personality types all may be a cause. Other risk factors include smoking, alcohol consumption and caffeine.

Is there a cure?
There is no specific cure, and often no treatment is required because the symptoms can be mild or the disorder may resolve itself over time if the cause can be identified and managed.

How is it treated?
Treatment depends on the cause. If the bruxism is stress-related, stress management approaches that promote relaxation, such as exercise or meditation, can be helpful. While dental approaches such as wearing a mouth guard are available, behavior modification may be successful in teaching individuals to relax the jaw and avoid clenching habits. And lastly, such medications as muscle relaxants may be prescribed, although they are not always effective.



well, reading it is really informative but i am more concern with the causes of such sleeping disorder. I couldn't tell you this, but then the truth will set me free. And no! i don't have sleep bruxism but someone from my social group has... Omft... i thought you might think it's Uhmmmm... Well, if you know what i am thinking, although some of my classfied friends would already know what i'm talking about, then you might get this rigth.

I may sound a little absurd but this just a G over the counter. SO here it is: i have this friend, and he chews when he sleeps. (uhem!) And after reading this psychological characterization of a person who has sleep bruxism. He, the BS Bouy, is not a caffein addict like me...

OH! talking about coffee! wahahaahhaha! So much as for Starbucks later this evening . Loise and i went to SM North. She bought a laptop which i deliberately voluntered to help her in picking a model. I was guided but what she wants and offered advices on finding the right one for her.

THe BSsss Bouy, uhmm, maybe later.

So Loise and I paraded on the Hallways of cyberzone, and we went stragiht to my favorite laptop outlet. ladies and gentlemen - COMPLINK. For those folks out there who wanted to buy some cool Toshiba laptops (MACs are OVERATED i tell you) or gorgeous, sleek black COmpaq laptops that looks like the one that i have one right now you better checkout the store. And be sure to exit from the department store, not at the National Bookstore exit cause it may took you longer to get there. So this person that i'm taling to is disturbingly addicted to bleed-my-ears-hope-to-die peep sounds, and my other friend couldn't take it any longer so they nailed each other face out (if you know what i mean.... wahahaha) Take a loot at us, Loise and i, inside a taxi, were like couples.

I looked like i was looking at the wrong camera,
but anyways, this is me and loise in a taxi
heading Diliman.
drinking Starbucks like hell
(as if we have all that cash to
back every Frappe we sipped!)

I DIE for SB! this is my eleventh Venti pop for
the school year, been collecting
the plastic containers.

And loise of course, texting someone.
It's her first time at Starbucks,
glad she had her first time wih me. (uyyy!)

Does this face says that Starbucks Chocolate Cream Chip Venti
tastes like hershey's chocolate drink? As ordinary as that?
Hell nO! Starbucks is not as pale as hersheys.
She looks happy though! haha!

But then this BS Boy guy that i'm talking has this jawbreaker thing going on as ever. It's weird actuallly to hear someone doing that crunching thing. Teeth-chalking is not some stuff that i loved to hear.

So Loise had this night with some fresh starts. She had a fresh start at cyberspace, but i mean not really cyberspace because the only thing she's missing is an internet cable to civilization. And when she has everything that she wants to connect with cyberspace, she better start blogging.! Blogging mad like me. So if you wanna hear about this mystery BS Boy chalking his teeth out, i'm afraid he's smoking and is not an alcoholic jerk (not that i'm aware of, duH?) So the only thing qualified for the causes of such distractign teeth-chewing mechanism is his proximity to bottled A.N.G.E.R. Believe me, he's not hyperactive (he's not in kindergarted obviously)

So this anger issues, by the way, is marked off the charts. And starbucks?

What does starbucks have to d with anger management issues? I don't know, i guess the coffee and frappe is a weird combination causing some havoc on buyers which i don't totally understand why i mentioned it. it's pointless at all. So this BS Boy stuff is an A-Lister at some pimping salon over the ilang2X neighboring societal hole. DOing some pimping stuff, biffing up! uhuh uhuh! piddy diddy piddy diddy! pimping yeah!

but the why would coffee cause havoc on society ( for some reason, i felt dumb writing this bloggie!) But did you know that Starbucks is closing 500 stores in the States? That would be alot of jobs! Hell that would make havoc.

SM north is busy as usual.
This time they have this regional competition on some dumb online game that i took a picture of:

A dumb online game gathering!

I also took a picture on my our way down north avenue:

The blazing light comes from a bulb on the jeepney.
Isn't it cool, city lights!

Moving on, Suppressed anger! just be careful people, if this one took his lid off, he blows a 50 mile radius across the Sahara Desert (did you know that for sudan people Sahara desert is a redundant phrase? haha! i bet you're not form Sudan, if you don't know the answer.) Teeth-pimping is an indication of all BS Boy's bottled up anger. TO whom? do i have to answer that? Ask him, not me.

He has this mercurious air of insanity over the pimping over ilang2x neighboring country. and as to what i know, he doensn't have a formal, sane, long lasting xoxo relationship with somewan, uhuh! who is this BS BOY that i'm talking about? be very very extra careful girls out there, his trance is elusive, defying, but when he get into it, he diggs! No harsh feeling BS Boy, the world is out there to teeth you out! haha! so much for juicy Gs in the men's world! cause in a men's world, blood is an understatement! Wahahaha! BS as in Biggie and Str___gie!

--- pex O pex O! Blosip BOUY!