On Alcohols: A head start for the week

On Alcohols: A head start for the week
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2:50 AM. Thursday morning, and i have just woken up by my cellular phone with 4 pertinent text messages on it.


1st Message: "Guys, may deliverables kau sa akin.. I need list of MAGAZINES, WEBSITEs, NEWSPAPERS at NGO na nagcacater sa YOUTH, SCIENCE, VOLUNTEERISM etc.. basta may kinalaman sa P(toot)SC... hehe.. I need the list by FRI.. email to: rattty.(churva)@gmail.com. Thanks :)" Sender: Kuya Rattttty 23715+++++++. Sent: 16-July-2008 11:45:46 PM.
And that time i was snorring and dreaming of my friends being eaten by a wild crocodilean species on th coast of Africa. YEah! It was neurotic of me to think of them that way! this particular message is one of the things that i usually consider as another escape plan --- Kill my cellphone with an ax and pretend not to recieve the message. Though i have written and sent emails on top broadsheets and magazines in metro manila like PDA and PS, becuase i am well aware that these top broadsheets are a waste of time, i still consider the escape plan. Which would intolerably make me an irreponsible member of the organization. But since there could be an effort to endulge on this certain aspects, i am still not quite sure about my whole week being completely perfect.

2nd Message: "Pnta ka b welcome nyt? Ngstart n b?" Sender: Iscel
3rd Message: "Gud pm ad, welcome nyt n 2nyt, pnta k!" Sender: Keith
4th Message: "Molave welcome nyt m2ya 7:30" Sender: RJ

I didn't attend that welcome night in Molave because i am dead by 6:30 PM after arriving from U.P. Sorso(chooot)'s GA. it appeared that my body needs to sleep so i invariably replied: "Sory, may 2 probsets ako due bukas." Another escape. I escape, to sleep, for myself --- would make me a self-conceited ass(toot!) But considering the importance of such things, i am uterly good at my decision to dedicate my time on my health and wellness above fun and exhaustion.

BUDGETING: too much food in mind!

After receiving my weekly budget, a picture of me driking another Frappaucino on Starbucks suddenly popped in my head. Last tuesday, i was having a debate with my shit self about spending the 4XXX.00 pesos for the next 6 days. Yes! That would be a lot. And it happened that all of my options are food choices. i have jsut realized this twelve minutes ago after eating my Growers peanuts like a pig. Imagine that! THis could be the primary reason why i got fat!

SHIT SELF: "Hell no! You consider spending 1XXX.oo for your gym sessions over FOOOOOD! what kind of monster are you?"

SELF: "It just a option. i have to weigh the consequences.... i just need to clear my head. Can you shut up please?"

SHIT SELF: "You are a total neurotic! Did you even think that you get into something like going to the gym and buffing up? Hell no! You're just wasting your time and money for that shit stuff. THis is not a good thing! If that money would be spend of Cake and coffee, you could be saving millions of lives out of POVERTY."

SELF: "How am i suppose to do that?"

SHIT SELF: "Try Starbucks! they have a tie-up with UNICEF!"


it all no brianer! trust me! a trash-monolougue like this is overated.


Chem 153: Monday night is the night! First exam of Chem 153 finished off with a blast. I am so happy that it had just happened. And the grueling and grilling 2-hour sitting on an exam chair has finally ended. Thank God. now i can sleep

Kyle XY First and Seond Season: Gladly after my Chem 153 exam, i watched the last two episodes of Kyle XY season two on my laptop. And yes, i finished the DVD. it was okay! it was hanged like most series i watched. Kyle and Jessie finally had a connection. And jessie jumped of the cliff after knowing that she stole information about ZyZZx on Kyle's mind. Amanda was having some trust issues about kyle. And the Tregger family finally understand the deeper meaning about Kyle or Jessie's existence..


I woke up becuase i need to finish my Formal Report in Organic Chemistry and my Post lab in Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers experiment. For my readers, who constatly read my collumns, chemistry is what i am right now. I am taking up two courses in Chemistry: one is Organic Chemistry (Chem 31) and the other is Physical Chemistry (Chem 153---much harder that the former). THis is my semester life. And if want to learn about University Life, it is relevant to understand the basic thing about chemistry: Le Chatelier's Principle (See wikipedia).

Alcohols are weird substances, i tell you. It makes people mad, even when he's not drunk!