Staying Awake: Going Berserk on ChE 32

Staying Awake: Going Berserk on ChE 32
A blog on being a Chemical Engineer

My roommate, KUYA GLENN, also staying awake with
a guitar playing "Realize". My laptop is still awake.
My iPod needs bat charge.

I opened the bible. It was again 2 o'clock AM. The morning sun has not risen yet.

The passage says:

"At this my heart trembles
and leaps out of its place,
To hear his angry voice
as it rumbles forth from his mouth!
Everywhere under the heavens he
sends it,
with his lightening, to the ends of the
Again his voice roars---
the majestic sound of his thunder."

I smiled realizing how beautifully it describes my present condition of torture: that is, tracking my way towards understanding the beauty of combustion! i love combustion with excess wet air! it just blows my mind like hell.

As i listen to the jazz music in my laptop, i couldn't help but wonder: what makes a chemical engineer? Is it all that jazz?

Ma'am Ninette told us that we should start loving our course. I asked myself, why?

What could make me love my major? It is one of the hardest degree in the University of the Philippines along with Business admin and accountancy, and Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. I am not sure why most of the brightest, young high school graduates who belongs to top 50 in UPCAT considered chem eng'g as their career path. it just didn't make sense.


Chem eng'g is hell!

Our majors are not as easy as one plus one. Take for example my major this semester: ChE 32 --- industrial Stoichiometry. The course title is not even appropriate because most of our lessons are about combustion. ChE 32 is like accounting. Though i do not exactly know what is accounting in essence, i just know that it's like accounting. The aim is to account for every mass loss, mass gained, air needed, excess air, heating values needed, etc. the key word is account. (i do sound dumb!) my point is, its hard! I had two intense nescafe 3-in-1 coffee mix, and its damaging my brain cells. and i still don't get how to account for the air needed.

As for my day, my chem 153 exam results was not yet given. And i create a little scene a while ago at my Chem class. My teacher maam llaguno was asking about the graph, of an equation and it seemed like i made a similar one so i volunteered. I solved further for the initial temperatures of the two systems in front of the board, and finally when i seated at my chair, i realized that i was squaring off with one of the brightest student of my class: Jhud Aberilla, the top notcher of UPCAT of our batch. I helped him in solving a problem about composite systems. My classmates were quite shocked... i didn't know what to do. so i just seated there and pretended to be distracted.

However, my afternoon subject GE 1 the results were in. Thank God i got a passing mark! 46.5/65... (71%) i so deserve SB tomorrow, as well as watching Dark Night! thank GOd. well,we had a lesson about Astronomy and celestial sphere. it was a very interestin topics. about stArs!

I need to go back to Chem Eng and stop blogging about my day. TIME CHECk 2:30 AM...

toootooott (owl howling)

may owl ba dito sa pinas? O guni guni lamang?