Beginning A New Diary

Beginning A New Diary
a new post about a new life

I felt something this morning, when my cough was getting tough, and my heart was pumping really hard. i felt that the life i was living was empty and trivial. and my writer in me was dying. i was reading the life of Leo Tolstoy, how he became a writer, how he became the most prominent author, beside Dostoyevsky. I reflected as a writer, how am i as a writer?

i was living in this hole inside of me, no inflections, no doubts, nothing but the simplicity of the routine that i take everyday. Getting up at 730AM, eating breakfast at CASAA on Wednesdays, and on Eng'g Cafe on Mondays, and coming home at 6:00 PM, Dinner with Manuel (almost everyday), and making cups of coffee at 7:30 PM to begin my night and finishing by 3AM lost and wasted. as i cough this morning, i remembered finding myself writing a story when i was fifteen years old on bench of my old school, Sorsogon national high School. it was this idea that hit me so hard that my pen trembled. it was about this male person in is twenties struggling as a writer, to write his new book but finding himself subconsciously drawn to his inner life that he killed himself in the end. the big question is why?

given the cough and all those hot lemonade that i made, i thought that i should buy WAR and PEACE by Tolstoy. I thought hard of it, and then finding myself at 12noon scurrying FULLYBOOKED at North Edsa and find nothing else but an empty shelf if Tolstoy. So i thought, what am i doing here? looking for a book that doesn't exist. And i thought more, is this a sign to make a book? to make a novel, to write that idea four years ago. if Tolstoy began as a writer by writing a diary, i too should begin that way. i should. i really should. so i began a new life.

i bought this diary, and you know, my pocket mocked me because it costs a whooping P649 pesos. buy hey, this is officially made in gold.

This is the cover. What i like about this
is that it made of high grade book binding
with an image of Da Vinci's Vitruvian
man. This made it look classical.

The flap is just great. the vitruvian on the left
is magnetized so no worries of having some
of your stuff fall down.

it has a pouch at the back. I just love it. now
i do not have to worry clipping stuff like pictures,
random thoughts in post its, or small flyers, i just
have to insert them here...

this is the closer image of the cover. its
so classic which reflects my own
taste of writing. not bad for a

this is my fountain pen that i bought last summer.
fountain pens really cost a lot. i had this
at around P700 and you can personalize it
by letting them carve whatever
name you like.

i don't believe in Patricia Evangilista's viewpoint in notebooks. She said, to be a writer, it is enough to have a notebook type like that of a grade one. i disagree. i believe that good writing comes with good writing writing tools. mood is a pertinent factor in writing.

so writers out there, be reminded of this:

"to write fiction a writer must have a money and a room of one's own."
---Virginia Woolf