Last Pill and a Very Important Sunday (V.I.S.)

a post about good friends and taking my last pill

After a week and a half of point blank depressed moods and cough-shitty-cough cough i took my last pill last night. That Cephalexin and the Ambroxol Tablet and Nim's Island is what i celebrated last night, and to think that tomorrow would be my D-Day in Physical Chemistry, blogging about yesterday and today would be totally inappropriate. But i couldn't help it, the moment of hapiness that i treasured are inevitably 'to-blog-for'.

my empty table = state of mind.

my iPod, on an empty table.


At last, and this message is intended to my great mama who constantly reminds me of my health, i finally took the pill. to describe the feeling, it is a mix of fear and happiness, that moment is utterly gratifying, and intoxcating and you just want to dwell in that moment to be happy once in your life. your concurrent feeling of triump, that after a week of cough that moment is a validation of your rejuvinated self; and doubt of future, that the five-day medicine isn't enough to cure the damage in your respiratory system.

So i watched Nim's Island, a childrens movie starting Jodie Forster(my favorite actress), Abegail Breslin (a child actor who also starred on Little Miss Sunshine), and Gerald Butler (Leonidas of 300). I had knick-knacks to back things up. A little sweet won't do any harm. my infection is long gone, but i'm not sure. It is an fantasy-adventure movie about a marine biologist, Jack Rusoe (gerald butler) and a born-free girl, Nim (Abegail Breslin) who live in the Island in the South Asiatic Sea. Nim is inlove with hero/Indiana-Jones-type- adventurer in the novel Alex Rover who is also writen by Alex Rover. the author, Alex rover, turned out to be a lady with a true name Alexandra (Jodie Foster), and she is borderline agoraphobic (insanely afraid of spiders) though in the movie she looked like more of an Obssessive-compulsive than borderline agoraphobic. Jack was on the verge of his discovery of a new specie of nanoplankton, so he decided to take samples hoping that it would be the thing and Nim insisted that it should be named Protozoan Nim. So he took a two day boat ride to the see on an atoll, but then a storm struck the island and Jack boat was destroyed and Nim was all alone in the island. coincidentally, the writer, alex rover emailed her dad to asked about facts on the volcano of the island and discovered that Nim, an 11 year old girl, is home-alone in the island so she decided to help Nim by going to the island. Nim is trying to overcome the fear of losing her father and Alex is also overcoming her fear of doorknobs and spiders. So the author ventured out to save Nim from isolation.

Nim's Island Poster. Photo Credit: Wikipedia.

i enjoyed the movie because of the theme and the animals who were Nim's friends. I am inlove with the sea lion, selkie, and the lizzard, Fred, and also the Pelican, Galileo. They are just adorable! they make me feel better, but just a little. I slept at 12 o'clock.


I woke up at 830 AM and i couldn't wait to get out of this messy room. So i took a bath, and read the book on Physical chemistry hoping the clock would strike 1100 AM.

Keith arrived at 1105 just in time for the mass.

After the mass we went to NEC to withdraw
from an ATM.

With ATE CHERRy, a guard from MOLAVE
now at NEC.

Keith (brown), RJ (red), and some guy pushing
a taxi. What a great sunday it is!

A rustic altar for a jeepney.


The Menu...

Mashed Potato... My favorite.... way better than KFC

The Chicken Piccata --- @P132
but a little too minty than my previous Piccata
experience at a bistro in Manila.

Pomme Frites? is that correct? it's a german for
French fries.

Red for Red,

RJ AND Gela... Too much friendship!

Me and keith!

This TENDERS MEAL with Caribbean Jerk Sauce
and Bleu Cheese DIP

TENDERS MEAL WITH Smokey Barbeque sauce
and i think a honey-mustard dip? Angela, i think this is
your order.

Keith ordered this, and i don't know what it's called.

My HOT TEA with all it's HOTNESS.
I have to do this, it is a post-cough ritual not
to drink red tea... so WTF i got an even hotter tea
HOT TEA! And with all the absentmindedness
i dropped the lemon. God i don't know how to use the lemon
for God sake! And how am i suppose to squeeze that lemon
after all!

@ STARBUCKS KATIPUNAN a lot bigger than other
starbucks up at North Edsa (SM and Trinoma)
and this SB is way customized for students studying nearby
And specifically for CAN AFFORD students.
I ordered Espresso Machiatto and thought it can ordered as
a Grande but it's ordered in shots pala! haha! 3 shots for 110. I
didn't know that. So i bought the alternative, caramel Machiatto
which is what i expected it to be.

waiting! waiting! keith, where are you?

KEITH! OMG! what happened to you, your
gayer than usual! WTF!

that situation is depressing.

So we went back to UP at around 3PM and i reviewed a little... and by dinner time i hesistated a little on bringing with me Manuel. Keith! you should know why!

but anyway, dinner is a lot way than expected. So we came to Lola lita's at 6PM and the four (Phegiel, Ton2x, Dex, and KEITH(with his new haircut)) just bumped into us. it's a funny experience! it's a good thng knowing you still have people around you. This groups of friends are the most amazing, most adventurous people i have ever met. I thank God, realized how lucky i am to have these people, and i hope they read my BLOG and will never forget me!


TO MAMA: Text me after reading this!