Night and a Very Suave Situation

Night and a Very Suave Situation
a post about another sleepless night at room 213

i am sitting again in front of my laptop with my right eye half closed. I don't know what kind of sleeping disorder i have one right now, with my right eye tingling involuntarily. it is just so weird, i feel so weak yet my mind is so happy and outgoing, willing to do anything, but my body ( or my half body) is not keeping up so well.

I need Stresstabs. God, i need them!

my schedule for tonight is pretty heavy:

1.) Research critical review paper on EnE 31
2.) Sagot Probset ChE 32
3.) Aral Chem 31
4.) Aral GE 1

So as for my night this is the remnant of my table after the grueling Chem 153 probset, i almost tried to cool off by praising myself over and over again for finishing the probset on time. Although i spend 4 hours from 9PM to 1AM answering 5 moderately difficult questions.

My cluttered table. i am so disorganized.

An this is the remnant of my bed, a sleeping creature that i almost did not notice because i was pretty engaged in my problem set in chem. May God save his soul!


Manuel Portento Jr! getting comfortable with
my pillow. is he 'room'less? why? wanna find out?
haha! (Some interpersonal issues i
suppose, i could never tell. i'm only a witness)

I was glad, to think that my week is running like all hell broke loose, i still found time to do some personal reading and light research on the things i am most interested in: PSYCHOLOGY.

Personality and Psychopathology:
Building a Clinical Science by
Theodore Millon, a well-known psychiatrist
in the States. He collected groundbreaking
papers on personality and phenomenology
of personality disorders.

My current interest now i probably a bit out of the box. I once tried to understand politics and governance and international law, but i just couldn't hang unto it. The topic is pretty foreign to me, unlike psychology and physics. I just lost my interest to some topics after reading a book or two about international law. But after watching this video in Youtube i was again reawakened to continue my venture towards personally studying international law and governance. I am practically interested in cross-cultural analysis. For example, what could be the trend in our present rice crisis as compared to the recent humanitarian crisis in Somalia. The two nations has two different cultures, but what links them up? is there a cross-cultural factor on moral, socio-ethical systems that may have been similar to both of them? if there is so, how do we solve such humanitarian or fiscal problems like hunger and rice crises?


Somalia is undergoing a lot of challenges as nation!
Aren't we glad that we still have a government to
provide us with some answers to recent problems?
Did you know that Somalia is stateless since 1991?

So long...