a pre-commentary on a great Director

"Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater."
--- Roman Polanski

In my upheaval as a film-auditoire during my childhood, when my precocious and prim fixation on non-traditional films became a common curiosity, a name of a director rang into my ears. it was a mix feeling of Tolstoyan-audacity and grandness of Mozart playing Fur-Elise. it may sound a little exagerated, but true.

The moment on hearing the great name: POLANSKI, i couldn't think much of a greater moment than seeing a King bestowned in his thrown. So much for my childhood imagination, years later on my journey towards adolescence-adult transition, his name, for me, reflects an even much grander scale. He gave me the eye of film-auditoire.

Most of my experiences during my adolescent times involves rigorous reading on Classical Books, and unstoppable curiosity for Great Art. Every person who isolates himself from society at the age of fifteen, in other words those are usually called Nerdy and Loser by fellow colleagues, would exactly feel the same way i felt: the need for a Greater Knowledge and GREATER ART. I workED at closed doors, and always during at night on Fridays and Saturdays reading literature and also watching mainstream television and films. And I always crave for more and more of these beautiful pieces of ART.

At one time, flashing the 'empty' TV screen looking for channels for Brain-feeding or creativity-buffing, i ran into a near-ending Movie at Star Movies, it was a POLASKI masterpiece: THE PIANIST. I ran into the name Polanski after the film credits were raised, and i started dreaming of him, how great he created the film, THE PIANIST, how he crafted it so detailed like a large piece of artwork.

I plunge into this deep thinking of having more, more of him as a director. More of his art, more of his grandness as a film-maker. That psychological stigma that shocked me after watching some of his other films like MACBETH and OLIVER TWIST, was an elusive experience.

He lived in the past, and most of his renowned films even older than my age. He's 75 years old, my grand-ma is a little older than him. But his genius remained unparalleled. No new director can beat this guy's portrayal of a great Film.

Photo: Film Servis Festival Karlovy Vary

This man inspired me in believing that
a great film is more than art, but a piece of LIFE

How grand, how political!

--- Adrian Mendizabal

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