A Consuming Film Research: First Steps

A Consuming Film Research: First Steps
a post on my first task a revolutionist

"Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world."
--- Jean-Luc Godard

How gracious the librarian goes when she said: "Oh, you've been researching on FILM, you're an Engineering student, how come?"

I said, "well, it's my thing." And put a fake smile like hell.

In this shit-hole country, freedom is quite repressed in the bound of "whatever-you-do-now-will-be-what-you're-doing-for-the-rest-of-your-life." Yes. this is not america where they actually oblige each citizen to the code: PURSUIT of HAPPINESS. and please, don't even go to that movie with the same title...

i just went into the largest crack inside the University campus to look for FILM books, in search of a primer of what i'm getting into. I mean, this task is so consuming that upon reaching the College of Arts and Letters Library, i just want to raid the PN - 1990 shelf till the dusk break out. Luckily, my Organinc Chem lecture professor was sick so hail this day!

So i rented these books, in a process of actualizing the Plan to change the world.

How to read film, by James Monaco.
Anatomy of Film, Bernard Dick (whoah, too bad man!)
An Intro to Film Studies, edited by Jill Nelmes.

I actually like the discussions of James Monaco on Film as art. And i'll be reading for a month. So if you catch me with a book, it's probably one of these. I just love thinking about how this little blogie would turn into....

Finally, after 3 months of nothing in this blog, i have actually made an effort to use my creative skills for a good reason: To save people from proverty!


---Adrian Mendizabal