a commentary on art trends

an avant-garde hairstyle

This new wave of me, being caught in a wide swept of emotions towards film-making, is taking shape. In the task to influence audiences on how to effectively use their brain on watching movie; and the promise to contribute and influence the international arena of film-making, led me to believe that there is more to art than art.

To deeply crave for more art is but an expression of my desperation to give out, to exude the creative life-force that had been long stagnant inside of me for years of passive and rigorous focus on science and engineering. When i was young, i considered myself an artist by words and deed. And that my spontaneity is the reflection of my free-spirited thinking. Like most child-artist, i wondered over edges, tried so many medium, and thus satisfied and unsatisfied myself. I wanted more. More and more of life! That time, the art of film, for me, is a juxtaposition that does not easily satisfies me. It is a difficult art, an art that affects society, and the individual.

Pub(Auction) by Olga Vladimirovna Rozanova
an avant-garde artist

FILM is an inevitable medium. A very modern medium that encompasses the true qualities of Contemporary art. Avant Garde, having ended in the early 1970s, had reposed in a blink. Ever since today, after reading James Monaco's book on film, i though avant garde was the new wave of art that we have today. But mind you, it is not. As James Monaco implied, Avant Garde was succeeded by a much modern wave. A wave that is characterized for its proximity of the viewers and the artist. This new link, this accent, is highlighted by the beginning of Digital technology. Technology, which is the product of science became a medium of art itself.

This synthesis is greatly affecting the art of film. Film as we know, uses devices to capture moving pictures of reality. Technology amplifies this creative process by alluding the audience to a more, more blurred picture of reality.

The question is, where does this new wave of art heading?