Film: On Criticism

Film: On Criticism
commentary on film criticism

I would love to have a movie date with Pauline Kael.

What a doug! Pauline and her bitch!

Guys, how much does it cost to have a date with a dead woman?

If there could be an advertisement: "Have a hot date with a blonde female film critic for $2.00 right now!" i couldn't think more of bringing her to a funeral of Sweeny Todd. She would love that, in fact she would defintely cry.

This is not a sexist comment on female film critics taking a stand on women's suffrage. (Gawd, i hate those times!) I prefer to call this as a commentary on dominant influence of this major film critic and her influence to the wave that the filmmaking industry is threading right now.

She is one that i'm seeking to study now, as i read Bernard Dick's book entitled: Anatomy of Film, i realize her importance as a film critic.

She has this daunting commentary that i was also concerned with, the role of a critic not as a passive-objective persona but an active-emotional distinction to the film.

A film critic is inevitable because it bridges the viewers and the artist. Without a critic, the orchestration of the deep relationship of the viewer and art is but a hole unfilled.

pauline Kael take this bridge as something spiritually engaging, and emotionally driven.

I, on the other hand, take this bridge as a fundamental link between my emotions and the art, but also objectively sharpened and amplified by the thoughts of thorough argumentation.