Recent DVD acquisitions

I am watching this film at the very moment i am blogging this post. It was a bit old for me though it's a 1994 film. The resolution, though a DVD copy, is not clear, dissolved and noisy. but then, Art for Art's sake, i watched it. I'm on the half part now, i wanted to continue but some people keep buzzing on my yahoo messenger. (i hope it's not about chemistry for goodness sake!)

I think this film is captured on a 16 mm film. It's really looks vintage and old but with color, i wonder how Milcho Manchevski pulled this off. This is my first time to watch Manchevski's film, he uses symbolism which i like. A semiotic approach to criticism would resolve the hidden message of this film.

Awards: hmm.. Leone d'Oro at Venice Film Festival last 1994. it is about violence and peace, topics which interest more these days. Leone d'Oro is the equivalent of Palme d'Oro of Cannes Film Festival.

But then here's a trailer:

Ciao! God bless!