recent controversial DVD acquisitions

Critics, like the pompous Roger Ebert, hailed it. It is the most controversial film both of its art and its content. It is one of the most important film of twenty first century. It's accented to be a subtext of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet or the recent Titatnic (1997) about two star-crossed lovers' journey to eternal love.

It was my first time to watch this three-Academy award winning film.

Yes, i hesitated it to watch it at first. It's too controversial, too publicized, yet it became a household title, as everyone would know. I was just enamored by the power of this film, and in general, the power of a film to stir up a massive tour-de-force in history.

I also hesitated because of the content. Homosexuality specifically homosexual love, a nuisance topic as i generally speak of it, is a little inappropriate and a sad thing to talk about with friends during high school days. High school, where sexuality was such a taboo, is the end of the world for such topics. The questions of sex is a dark churn in the mind. The fruits of tertiary education enabled me to understand the aspects of such topics and the importance of such aspects. Aspects of homosexuality are often attacked by stereotypes. The level of stigma is high, as one homosexual friend would admit. My teacher in Panitakang Pilipino 19 (Panitikan at Sekswalidad) devoted the entire semester last summer explaining the roots, consequences, and allegory of the controversial premises of homosexuality. Madam Glecy Atienza drawn us to look at the modes of expression of homosexual love as parts of literature and the art which requires semantical critical viewpoint and commentary. Criticism always originates from viewpoint on the modes of expression of a concept. This is even more helpful in understanding the spectrum of society at large.

So "Art for art's sake" and for a wider scope of my critical eye, i should watch this important film.

Here is the trailer:



"Art for art's sake!"