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A multi-awarded movie about rape,
classical music, and violence on it's
must fundamental form!

I ardently love the concept of an anti-hero, having been dissolved on the significant movie releases for the last four to six months which most of them would purely involve a.k.a. superman-type heroic themes. It started with IRONMAN (2008) . how could i forget that movie! in the wide screen, i am immersed by how warm and stupid i was watching another hero-movie. As to how petulant i was after watching it, i couldn't even remember. But then again, i wasn't aware that Clockwork Orange exist in this world.

After too much DARK KNIGHT (2008), HELLBOY II (2008) and i bet the new release of BABYLON A.D. (2008) what is CLOCKWORK ORANGE (1971) got to match up with these? Huh?

Well, the history of Stanley Hubrick's masterpiece goes way beyond anti-hero versus hero issues. It is one of the most important movie of all time. Given it's diversion, in which i will be exploring, it's greatness, according to my pre-readings, lies on the powerful element of an image.

Images here are not of it's most basic form but crosses that fine line between a powerful story and the impact of it's message.

However, Pauline Kael, is not so satisfied with that!

So here's the trailer: