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"Human beings love each other in sex, in friendship, and when they're in love. And they cherish other beings --- humans, animals, plants, even stones. The quest for happiness and the promotion of happiness is in all of these and the power of our imagination."

-----IRIS MURDOCH (1919 - 1999)

In memory of my Lola Conching, i watched Iris (2001) yesterday. I am thrilled and subliminal about the film, because i was about to see a similar story my lola and Iris shares.

After watching it, i sat in sit silent and reflecting on the loss of my lola who died two years ago. i wanted to cry but no tears rolled from my eyes. It seems the oblivion in so deep, to painful to remember.

in her battles through Alzheimer's disease, Judi Dench crafted a character quite like her.
in her battles through becoming a philosopher and a novelist, Kate Winslet envisioned her are the vibrant young Iris Murdoch.

Watch this trailer:

Ciao! Godbless!