Joshua Bell Kills Me

Joshua Bell Kills Me

classical music addiction

I was addicted to classical music when i was in high school. i listened to Beethoven and Chopin like an avid geek. The nature of my mind back then is grand, as i would consider it. I used classical music to connect thoughts to writing my one and only novel. It mingled with the voice of my characters like a lasting torture of pleasure.

I must admit that this particular video kills me.

Joshua Bell has a sense of perfection. His hearing is most remarkable. Truth and clarity is enveloped in his musical talent, telling us that music is not just a form of expression of our hearts but a concise definition of our emotions. He abstracted Chopin Nocturne in C# minor in a tumultuous stance, taking it far from our galaxy. The power of a violin to play the Nocturne is diversion that i couldn't forget. I was used to the music being played in percussions rather than string. In it's most deep form, i present to you the perfectionist of music, Joshua Bell with the most ardent Chopin Nocturne in C#min:

Ciao! God Bless!