A New Header: A Revolution to Blogging

A New Header: A Revolution to Blogging
a new post for September

Yes! i'm back again. i uploaded the new header for Andong'z blogie and it's cool with the new pics and quote by Pablo Picasso.

The quote says: Every child is an artist. The problem is how he remains an artist when he grows up.

There were lot of things going on in my mind a few days ago. It's not just about this blog, but my whole stature as a person. Yesterday night i was commented on being so competitive with other people especially those who have graced on the new University Scholar List at the College of Engineering bulletin board. And i am definitely offended by your comment Mr. Any-who. This post is against those people who does not contribute to my well-being, those arrogant bastards who only think of themselves and are incredibly insensitive to others. frankly, get a life!

there is a little room for people like you in this world! Sorry if i have offended you also. and you know how it feels to be offended too, gladly i won't comment on this things again!

I was thinking a lot of things about this blog and finally lead myself to a conclusion that i should start talking about a singular topic that wouldn't bore my audience.

this is my proposal.

CONTEMPORARY FILMS and An Objective Review of the FILM Industry!
If Bryanboy can talk about fashion, adrian can talk about current trends in the film industry bought here and abroad.

BAFTA, OSCARS, CANNES Film Fest, CINEMALAYA etc. There would be a complete line up of reviews about current film trends.

Why? I personally love to comment about what i love the most: Films. this stream of thinking came up after wathcing a series of french and german art films. a pattern of style and cinematography came up to me, and i thought: hey, i could write about this, and gain authority over the web.

yep! i know! the competition, that shitty competition in the webspace. rottentomatoes, imdb, and the whole other reviewing webspace, but i'm quite ready...

Most of my reviews will focus maybe by directors(speilberg,polanski, romero, howard, gondry, shyamalan ), or by genres (indie, rom-com, series), by origin (french, german, american, filipino,) or by actors(cruise, c. diaz, g.g. bernal) there is a whole lot more in the film industry to talk about.

I am particulary concern more about Art than any other stuff so those who are looking for something unrelated to art may might as well go to perezhilton.com or other crack in the internet.

i have a big tons of task coming up this september but i will sure try to get this blog alive with the new topic a REVIEW OF CONTEMPORARY FILMS...

thnaks for reading this!