ON CONTEMPORARY MOVIES: ACTUALLY encouraging the Public to stop watching Movies and GET A LIFE

ON MOVIES: ACTUALLY encouraging the Public to stop watching Movies and GET A LIFE
definitely a post on SICK PEOPLE

"Film lovers are sick people."
---Francois Truffaut


when i was little boy, about four or five, my mother asked me what was my favorite movie of all. I said, "American tail mama." (referring to the Disney animated movie). And I sang a song from the movie, "Somewhere out there, beneath the pale moonlight..." Fifteen years later, if you ask me the same question, i would gawk at you like a sneering demon and laugh at what a pointless question you have just asked. It's a terrible question actually.

Believe me, nobody wants to hang inside the podium watching the original George Romero, "Night of the Living Dead" and to actually shout: "i love it, i love this film" It's just sick, to watch people coming out from the movie house looking pale from exhaustion of happiness, what the heck!

They just don't understand film, the root of it, the point of it, and where is it going. it's like drinking a cup of coffee from Starbucks, and hailing it as a great roast when in fact it's was cooked a high-temp roaster totally burning it to ashes, putting in on a cup, and you, sitting there enjoying that burnt coffee roast, and exclaiming: "It's a great roast, ahmmm yummm..."

it's just sick sitting with people like this, not just in Starbucks (as what happened two days ago, me on Macchiato and the other side, on Americano), but also in movie theathers that i've been. it's not funny, it's sad.

Frankly, people should start to quit watching movies and save their purses for extra savings, and to actually buy something not entirely related to cinema, which is of course impossible to find. Two points made: one, stop watching movies if you don't know how watch them; two, everything is related to Cinema.

My job here primarily is of the former, to save people from spending large amount of cash on watching films they don't actually understood.

If you ask an eight-year old boy about Dark Knight, what do you think would he say?
"It's pretty boring! yep, don't get that much action,i just played with my batman action figure inside the theater... My papa said it was a great movie, though. but i did not like it at all. Joker is scarrrrry! Good thing i have batman beside me."

With all those ignoramus commentaries, i just laugh at it, and thought of it as a joke, a good joke really.

How much does cost to watch movies this days?

Cinemalaya here in the campus- P60.00
SM theaters: P120 on average.
IMax theaters: P200 to P300
Quiapo Bomba-houses: P30
Philcoa "piraters": P100/2 DVD
Stall 1 - Bookstore: P60 - P120

it definitely costs a life. i mean, to actually see a movie without a point is a pointless, mind-cracking thing to do as a human being.

THere is more to watching movies than just wathcing movies. As an audience, and as rational human beings, we don't just exactly appeal to our sense, but most especially to our own rational and intelligent thoughts, that there is more to just seeing and hearing. This is what is fascinating about us humans, the capacity to COMPREHEND, to use our MIND!

This is the whole point of watching movies, to digest, and to actually think that this where my P120 go, that this is the PIECE OF ART that i just brought myself into. Did you even think of this? or did you just laugh your ass out inside the cinema, laughing insanely at Mr. Been? SHAME ON YOU!

it is an inevitable task to take and accept the film as piece of art, because production people spend MILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars to create such art, and you, an eager participant of the communication process, should benifit more than just the eye-from-screen transmission and passive jerks of emotion. It's money were talking here, not just entertainment as what most of you would try to say. "Movies are there to entertain us!" --- whoever said this should kill himself, and to realize that he is wasting a money for nothing. Don't you have a better reason why movies exist? did you actually think that 115 million dollar production budget for Star Wars III: revenge of the sith, was made for merely the insane reason of entertaining earth-bound humans? God, what a deal! What a deal!

Did you actually understand this things? if you don't get a life, and don't ever come back to the CINEMA!!!