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My friend gave me a link via email to this PLURK website! I deleted it and considered it a spam... A few days later, he urged me to try visit the link, so i did. it's just a typical cyberspace talk between friends: one tries to understand another, and the other one, trying hard to divert the discussion to other things. Or is this just another case of a gay to a homophobe talk, i really don't know. Most of my talks with this friend of mine composed of Bryanboy, Katy Perry, and a bunch of stuff that i wasn't aware off.

So i visited this Plurk website. Clicked, clicked, and clicked. This is something that i do not like about Plurk. Where is the dashboard? where is the customize button? where is everything?

One of the basic stuff on a blog site is a dashboard. Not just a dashboard but an organized dashboard.
i mean take a look at this:

is this my dashboard?

or this?

Where the heck is my dashboard?

One thing PLURK... make it compact! every blogger needs a page in cyberspace where he or she could lessen the burden of finding the dashboard. It irritates more than anything.

What is this?

Some kind of roasted beef or a zombified pig? God! Please tell me what creature is this? Plurk is definitely a weird microblog site. I hate it for those details!

On the contary, i like their timeline theme. It just cool. A diversion that i always wanted. A horizontal view is definitely relaxing. No effort to move the vertical bar down, and your microblogs are arranged chronologically, from your very recent post. It's cute and organized.

Another thing that i like about Plurk is that it can be customized like other blog websites. And it also provides links to find those sites, so less effort on googling it up.

If you have been, by anyhow, plurking or invited to plurk, think twice. One thing that you have to think about is that you are limited by 140 characters. Which is for me a challenge, since i am a blogger who likes to keep his sentences long.


isn't that disgusting?

if you are currious, google up PLURK!

Ciao! Godbless!