UnFilmed: Friday Night at Philcoa

UnFilmed: Friday Night at Philcoa
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Growing up with my family taught me a big lesson of camaraderie and trust. When i was just a little boy, my father used to bring me out of the sea for an adventure. Our family, my father in particular is so fond of travel, and he would ought to travel wherever he wanted to and he would , most of the time, take me. So on our way to sea i was scared to step into the small, narrow pump boat. My father said, "Ayaw pakatakot nono." (Don't be afraid afraid son.)

From that moment on, i am not afraid of anything except God. On the second part of my life, i learned a similar lesson with friends. Never afraid to trust. Most especially the friends i met here in U.P.. Friendships varies at different stages of our lives. We might recall that a long time ago, friendship can be reduced into a single toy shared when playing with our childhood friends.

Later on, friendship can be simplified by the common stuff(like sports, books) we shared with our classmates at school.

It is succeeded by the stage where trust (secret-keeping) is as vital as friendship, this stage is more concerned with receiving-more-than-giving .

in our journey towards adulthood, we ventured further from these neutrality. We see ourselves in some paths uncommon and uncrossed by most of us. These paths can be so dark that we need people to hang on. On this transition, we cannot just reduced friendship into a single immobile things like a toy, instead we treat friendship as more of a giving, than receiving.

It is a charity. We give support and time to empathize with our friends, to listen and always to make them smile.

This is where everything starts: a beginning of a true and undying friendship. We might not realize now that these people that we met in this crossroad are those people who will be present in the most important part of our lives.

They are the principalities who will be present in our entire lives. We must understand that without them our lives are impossible to live.

And these are the people that i am talking about. Silly people!

Keith is always beside me (bading kasi! joke keith!)


bestfriends forever!


Ate Kat taban and keith!

Missing this person: the point of going out on Friday night

Gela, Rj and Ate Kat!


RJ---OMG! Harrased by two beautiful girls!