unFilmed: PLANT Visit @ Balara Water Treatment Plant

unFilmed: PLANT Visit @
Balara Water Treatment Plant

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I have an erratic day. Just this morning our class on Environmental Engineering 31(intro to Envi. Eng'g and pronounced as "e-ne") went to a water treatment plant of Manila Waters at Brgy. Balara, U.P. Campus. Here are some snap shots from the tiring trip.

A sprint to Balara... Wee!

Balara... As Usual!

Arriving at the Entrance of the Plant!
GO engineers!

Filtration Plant! This is so nerd! I love NERD POSTS!

Clean! very clean!

Mocha Frappe, anyone?

The Arena! This is where the water from our
shower and faucets comes from! nice! It's about
1o million cu. meter of running water from
La Mesa Dam!

Okay! Balance! Balance! you don't
want Frappe on your hair!

Hydrolic JUMP! JUMP! i said JUMP! hmmp!
Coagulation bed!

OMG! it's 30 meter deep! you don't want to fall in there!

Lamela Tubes! New Settling technology!
Weee! Japanese people are so, so great!

Backwash 101! if you're a Geek and a chemical
Engineer, you must know this process
by heart and soul!

Everything Push the button! the Ayala Corp. Facility
wants to upgrade this into an automated system!
OMG! Robots Engineers!

Chlorine Tanks! It can kill you in minutes!

Torture Cl2 chamber now open

is that arabic or just a doddle?

In case of Cl2 poisoning, drink this, it loosens the throat!
wahaha! it's never been proven, but workers here
are acquainted with this liquor for the rest of their lives.
Shhhh.... Ayala doesn't know!

Thank God! I am alive!