2008 BLOG ACTION DAY: Combating Poverty through Personal Change

Combating Poverty through Personal Change

I walked the aisle of the Engineering building warmhearted. I am suppose to wait for my dinner buddy Manuel. I was gasping hard air. I brushed through the rooms quietly looking for Manuel. it was 8:35 PM and ES 13 final exam was extended for fifteen minutes so i waited along the aisle.

There was a moth flying low beside me. The wings are broken. As it landed beside me, i felt acquainted with it yet troubled by the scene. This moth was dying and aching from the possibility that death has conquered it. It was an astonishing thought to sympathize with non-human beings. I felt as if i was drawn to it's life, to it's disfigurement. But how could i, if i am only human and not a moth?

Modern World.

Finally i opened my heart for a change.

To sympathize is to use the only purpose of the heart: to feel.

I quote this from Contact (1997):

"You're an interesting species. An interesting mix. You're capable of such beautiful dreams, and such horrible nightmares. You feel so lost, so cut off, so alone, only you're not. See, in all our searching, the only thing we've found that makes the emptiness bearable, is each other"
----- The Alien.

Human beings have the capacity to love each other. They are social beings. They are given a mouth, a mind, and a heart. In all creature, we are the only one who can feel sympathy.

Sympathy is key for change. What we feel for each other becomes a key in unlocking the great mysteries of the soul, of the heart, and of the mind. The most ardent beings are the ones who can understand the importance of the existence of another being. There is always a time to feel one another.


We, human beings, have the capacity to change because of a reason. These reasons are driven by our unbearable thoughts of unrequited love for one another. We all wanted to be happy. And we all wanted to be happy together.

One inescapable truth is poverty.

The absolute penance of my mother and father in raising a family out of poverty gave me the inspiration in writing this blog post. Most of my experiences from my neighborhood originates from poverty.


What is the cause of poverty, what is the consequences of living an impoverished life? Who's to blame? Who's to who?

Relevant questions. but are they important?

In seeking the truth one must cover the eyes and feel one self. Human beings today are increasing stimulated by the physical reality. However, this trend is a distraction in seeking the truth about ourselves. One must blind one's eye to be able to see his humanity.

Poverty is a visual truth but we are blinded by our eyes in seeing the real truth behind it. One must used the heart not the eye to feel.

The eye.

We can combat poverty if we feel poverty. And the only way to feel is to sympathize with it.

In the process of using our hearts, truth will illuminate our minds. if there will be great beginning in this endeavor, it must come from ourselves.

Whatever truth must exist in ones heart, it is a personal truth. All truths must exude from himself. All truths must be liberated.

If there is a universal beacon, these truths shall be collected. By then, there shall be a collaborative liberation of all truths.

"The truth always comes from the heart."
--- Adrian Mendizabal (diary, Oct. 10, 2008)

Ciao! God bless!