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Babel is a narrative that I was missing for years. The intensity of the drama, the culture clashes, and the voices that pleads for the ultimate validation, the film is riveting. Most of the drama of films comes from the characters; it is drawn from their will to live. The Will to live is being explored in the most sensitive, most explicit way of demoting the precise empathy for the story.

There are only a few moments for breathing. Yet that breathing is repressed, is defective, and is not an assured moment for a psychedelic nirvana. It is but a scintillating, depriving breathing that the viewers must endure. As an audience you are breathing as if that was the only breath you could have. The film explores fundamental themes of human beings. The way the themes were brought up in a complex realism using definitive symbolism.

The human empathy is constricted. Audiences should suffer multitudes of dissonance, fear, and doubts that the characters face. It is a rare phenomenon in cinema. The connection is highly intensified.

It explores the darkness in each one of us, human beings. It expands the darkness which have been preserved by our own capacity to hide it. Everything must be resolved, even our conflicts Human nature is enclave with fear. He must survive his own imperfections and tendencies. There is a reason to fear ourselves. We are responsible for our own extinction. Babel explores all of these.

So here is the trailer:

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