MONDAY Reflection and New York City

MONDAY Reflections

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It's Thursday and i do not have a class.

Last Monday was phenomenal. I have to say that most exhilarating day of the 1st semester of the academic year 2008 - 2009.

As much as i want to write about Monday i couldn't think of a better introduction. But then "let thy words come out, and you'll conquer thy skies."

Monday, October 6, 2008. Catching my breath inside an air-conditioned bus, as long as i could remember, was the last thing i remembered that day. It was about 5:30 P.M. i was one and a half hour late in my Chem 153 3rd exam, i was clutching the reviewer, my bag and my very long umbrella, when i was dropped by the bus in front of Faculty Center. I ran towards the Chemistry Pavilion and ended in room 1318 - 1320 sweating. And i was just blown by the scene: empty class room, dark and grim, and a small glowing chalked message illuminated from the black board saying, 'Dr. Llaguno's class please proceed to 1100 for the exam.'

Every sweat flowing from my body went back to my skin, and i was just frustrated like hell. The flow of energy in body made me wanna shout inside the classroom, "WTF!". But then, morality came over me and so i just whispered it. I hurried down at the long, winding staircase of the pavilion.

Literally, the long winding staircase of Chem. Pav.

Running towards AS is not a good experience, but exercise-wise you can burn a lot of fats by just doing my run-in-the-wild path that day. I found Pillar Herrera Hall (PH 1100) and barged into the door and suddenly found myself in a quiet classroom with a lot of examiners sitting uncomfortable in their chairs. I received a lot of 'why-are-you-here' and 'why-are-you-late' gazes from my classmates. I felt small and ridiculous. I came in front and talked to maam Llaguno about my late arrival and how the bus factor affected everything, leaving a sour, worried face to Mrs. Llaguno. Without a word, she gave me a bluebook and the test question.

"10 minutes more, do not forget to write your names on the bluebook." She echoed.

"Oh my God! I'm still at number seven of test one. Goodness! Goodness!" I was panicking like hell in my chairs. I am pale and tired and sick.

And suddenly somebody whispered to me at the back, "Come with me to my office after the exam and finished your test over there, okay?"

"Yes! ma'am!" A small rasping voice came out of my voice, dry and sharp. and i calmed a bit but still continued answering.

A little time passed, my classmates were already outside, i tried to figure the first problem in test two. Walking towards Ma'am Llaguno's room was a terrifying experience. The dark aisle of Chem Pav expanded towards the end. It was about 6 o'clock in the evening that time. The sky was filled with rain clouds and all that was outside was pitch balck. At the end of the hallway, a room with a label "Dr. Elma Llaguno, Ph. D." came in front of me. I entered, as if entering the lair of the monster, no offense ma'am. I sat on the table still hammering my feet. my hands were clammy and wet. I answered the exam.

7:30 PM and i wA off the chem pav. And i was teary eyed. I kept asking: "Why does it have to be this complicated! GOd, why?"

After arrving at Ipil i just wept in silence trying to rationalize what just happened and mooned over the possibility of facing the fact that i failed the exam terribly.

3 days later:

OMG! napasa ko ang exam!

God. Is He really that generous?

Miracles just kept happening in each day. Aren't you glad of your life?

God bless! Ciao!