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My mama gave me 500 pesos. "A suitable money for a bag," she said. So i paraded myself towards Trinoma in seek of something meticulously convincing, and fashionably agreeable. In my thoughts i wanted something ragged and loose, and can stand the test of time. I wanted something more masculine than my Hawk Gear bags.

When i was little, most of my bags are freebies. One bag can either come from a raffle at some odd convenient store or a gift from one of my Uncle or Auntie. I could never deny the fact that i was, at that time, the only little boy in the family. I was the first and only son of my mother and father, and the first ever grandchild of my Lolo and Lola. What a lovable life indeed!

When Erl, my first cousin, was born i still get my bags for free. Of course, i was studying in kindergarten. Most of the contents of my bag are coloring materials, for i was a young artist that time.

So after some fifteen years later, the concept of bag becomes an even more important thought than coffee, or so i thought.

In a couple of hours my bus will be flying home. The nurturing sounds of Starbucks Araneta and the freshness of caramel macchiato is devouring my soul. And still I couldn't loose my thoughts on my dream bag.

Not at Starbucks Araneta!
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My voyager bag that i brought with me is full of culturally insufferable materials: books. And some rag clothes for the great semestral break back home. Voyager bags are my favorite travelling bags. They are neat and strong with a sturdy structure. The zipper is the most important part of a bag. The first thing to look at in choosing a good travelling bag is the zipper. Big, strong, and tensile zipper means a great assurance that your bag contents will not spill out under your seat. it would be a great hassle to experience that. Thank goodness everything are in place inside my Voyager bag! I hope the zipper would not snap! Gosh!

What are my thougths on a military bag?

I personally believe that these type of bags are fashionable enough. I admire military bags because of its moss green color and it's rigidness.

Imust have one. But sadly, Trinoma is not a good place for bags like this. All they have there are Samsonites and Hawks, which have agreeable styles but disatisfies me.

i hope i could find one back home.

Ciao! God bless!

Please pray for me in my journey back home!