Speech feud (or so i thought?)

My G.E. 1 professor gave the class a link to two speeches. I do not know what her point is but then i took the bait. I was gasping in between two speeches in Youtube and doing a grilled blog about IRIS (2001). And as of the moment, i am struggling on reading my 4 film books side by side looking for the proper ways to criticize a film as an art. I have this idea of happiness lurking in my emotions that time. i was thinking of how remarkable these people were and that is what i wanted to become, a great person and thriving on luxury. But that ends like bump on a road, sabotaged by my eager urge to pee. But then i got back, and watch the two speeches.

I wanted to cry at J.K. Rowling's speech. Her experience is so excruciating for me. Imagine, by just using imagination, she lifted herself from poverty to a great novelist. She has this great bearing on her soul turning the hearts of people to sympathize with her.

Oprah's speech, on the other hand, is not as sympathetic as Rowling's. This is a personal comment by the way. Oprah explains a lot about success and the importance of emotions as a beacon for achieving such heights. My philosophical friend really hated Oprah's speech because of the thing she said about following ones gut for making every right decision.

Marvin's afro hair stands out.
Taken 3 years ago at Kalayaan residence hall!
Phegeil and me at the background!

Marvin said: "Ayoko sa kanya! Masyadong biased yung speech nya!"

"Pero, do you think that this particular thing about emotions and being emotional is true for some people?" I asked him.

"Hindi lahat ng tao ganun!"

I got his point.

So here are the videos! enjoy!

J.K. Rowling's Harvard 2008 Commencement Ceremony Speech!

Oprah's Standford's 2008 Commencement Ceremony Speech!

Ciao! God bless!