Sunday at FRIULI:
Part 1

a post from the heart

"Welcome, O life!
I go to encounter for the millionth time
the reality of experience and to forge in the smithy of my soul
the uncreated conscience of my race."
----James Joyce (Irish Novelist, 1882-1941)

What makes a heart?

I could have started this post by asking about the truth of being happy but I've changed my mind. I thought that what i have learned from today is something about happiness but i was wrong. It was more of the heart.

There is a sense of direction, a view in bird's eye, the movement of my body today. it always moves forward, and forward, bumping to people, to things, to rocks, to events. Everything is just all mixed up. I remember waking up and saying a prayer: "God, i thank you for letting me be alive another day." From there my life kept moving forward. In a single day i almost experienced every possible emotion that one would feel: joy, sadness, hope, despair, sympathy, triumph, loss.


My day started with a holy mass at Holy Sacrifice Parish with Fr. Jboy Gonzales as our presiding priest. He made mention in his homily two important points: one about the significance of the Scriptures for that day, and the other one the importance of praying the Holy Rosary. He always do his homily in an 'academic' way, as what Melbert, a friend of mine used to say. Well, this is probably because of the audience he has that time. 1 o'clock mass is for starters in deep Catholic faith. I am positive that Fr. Jboy's efforts helped a lot of young men and women in achieving great purpose in life. This is not speaking from experience but also speaking from great stories from a friend's mouth.

Like what my close friend told me about his battle against a major twink in his life. The thoughts of being condemned by society is even greater than acceptance, or so i thought. Fr. Jboy brought light in this matter, and saved him from the darkest possibility of being ostracized ostensibly. The meaning of religion and faith and the fine line between them is increasingly thinner than before with Fr. Jboy.

Some of my other friends over-simplify him as a pop culture priest who lacks religious piousness and perfection. But then is it really important? what makes a priest? what makes his humanity? These questions are open-ended and often leads to undeniable judgment of character and unreal expectations.

So i give you pictures from the lovely chapel of Holy Sacrifice!

Keith sitting beside me!

RJ: "Bading si keith! bading si keith!" (keith is gay! Keith is gay!)

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Ciao! God bless!