a post about art and film

Melbert's effort in portraying a vehicle.


The name itself is a primordial description of the past eighty to ninety years of modernist perspective on both the society and the arts.

The complexity of the realm of art dispossesses me in owning this commentary. There is always a sense of wondering, amazement of how disproportionate my personal bias would do in my analysis of this wave in art. Cultural discrepancies, sexual perpetration, language disinheritance, and borderline causality are some aspects that i'm quite aware of, not that it meant hell to make an effort in challenging this particular frame of history.

As a matter of fact, i must admit that most of my analyses are influenced by my emotional confections. This is what i speak here, that we are ourselves are subjective when it comes to opinions and to comments. The best way to justify the figure of art to one self is the establishment of an objective heart, which is impossible to do.

Thus most of my observations are base on my concrete emotional reaction to the topic.

Avant-garde is satisfactory enough to be considered a part of history. To be a part of history is to be the vehicle of change. The noise surrounding the political nature of history is engagingly important when someone talks about avant-garde.

Picasso, Pablo. Woman Playing the Mandolin (1909)
State Museum of New Western Art, Moscow, 1931.

There is a quest of freedom in avant-garde. This is not just the freedom to express one self, but also a political right to free from the blunders of political repressions. If one becomes a part of avant-garde one must break free from a lot of conventions. One must be free and free-spirited.


Twenty-first century.

Music is savvied with the new wave, EMO. It is produced by a cataclysmic effect in modern expression and has crossed borderlines of disciplines. The basic thought of EMO transpired to every design in fashion.

Notice this shirt.

A typical emo-designed shirt.
photo credit by him.

An emo design can be characterized as circular in shape almost compressed in one part of the canvas. This art work is a transformation of the Avant-garde painting style of Picasso, the cubist and some symbolist painters. The combination of these styles collaborates the new art of EMO wave.

The Three Musicians. Pablo Picasso.
Photo credit to him.

Icarus. Manolo Yanes.
Photo Credit to him.

The new trend in art for the 21st Centruy is, I believe, the transformation of the Avant-garde style into new forms of expressions.


Romania. 2007.

Christian Mungiu exploded a new wave of Romanian cinema. This big step is debuted in his film 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (2007) which won Palme d'Or last year. it is characterized by long takes and magnificent movement of the camera to instill to the audience the realism of the new style.

This explosive effort of Mungiu was a transformation from avant-garde style of film-making.

Watch this movie clip and see what avant-garde film making is:

The film is made by Andy Warhol, one of most famous avant-garde film makers. it is entitled, Eat (1964). it is a 45 minute film involving a pop artist Robert Indiana engaged in the process of eating a cheeseburger at the whole length of film. The film has no sounds and it's filmed in black in white. It is purely avant-garde.

The Andy Warhol style precipitates in Christian Mungiu's 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (2007) which involve long shots to intensify characterization. The more the shots lengthen the more the audiences dwell into the emotional fabric of each character. The story has this deep portrayal of its theme.

This is a clip from Christian Mungiu.


Avant-garde is not dead.

Most of film studies authors that i have read considers it a disappearing art movement left in 20th century backdrop. But, I believe that it is just being transformed into multitudes of different forms.

The challenge is to how we dwell and exist into these forms and how we honor it's roots - Avant-garde.

Ciao! God bless!