TRINOMA: Singles Night (walking tall! Pt. 1)

: Singles Night
(walking tall! Pt. 1)
post from the heart


AT Laurel Avenue.

It was almost 1:30 in my Lastikman watch, I walked at brisk pace. Walking so tall, reserved but giving, as if i was the only one there who is capable of higher understanding. It’s a typical air of a guy, mysterious, on offense, strict of his composure, and deliberately cordial, i plunge into a lot of people menacing my way towards the jeepney stop.

Blessed me! As soon as i got there, an SM North jeep just landed on my feet. I happily grab a space on that long, straight sit on the left with high expectations of my afternoon. I currently received a text message from my father that he already deposited my allowance for the next seven days. I am such a lucky geek.

So here came Adrian, inside a jeepney heading for a small meeting with Clarrisse and Almira at SM North McDonald's, and he packed his cybershot camera for documentation of his impulsive and ridiculous escapades.

My point of entry was Seattle’s Best Coffee. I withdrawn some cash from my cash flooded ATM card, and hurried my way towards the south entry of SM North, at Supermarkets. I considered myself a suitable shopper, so I act as if I belong to a high elite family lost inside The Block, looking for someone. Believe me; I should have given an Oscar for that performance.

Walking as if i was a socialite-asshole like Chuck Bass i walked my Chuck (redundant!) Taylor shoes towards McDonalds. As soon as I get there I saw familiar faces. What a treat! They were my old friends from high school.

In a sense I missed them badly, but I was driven into a thought that this is just another day for me, with responsibilities to fulfill, with goals to achieve, and money to waste. These people are as important as milk to honey; one could never separate the two from the other.

Ciao! God bless!