Dan's style vs Serena's
a contrast post

I actually realized last night that you do not have to be a fashionista to know about clothes and how to wear them. You just have to be somebody living in a city, alive. And a city like New York.

I could not help but wonder (a line grabbed from Carrie Bradshaw), what style do we wear in Manila?

The Sartorialist
is definitely a cool place in cyberweb if one in insearch of something that would give them a good sense of fashion.

What do people wear in New York?

Lower East Siders (Photos by Scott Schuman)

Upper East Siders (Photos by Scott Schuman)

Observing this set of examples exactly tells you the difference of the people living in different areas in Manhattan.

Upper East Side is the classy shade of Manhattan, while the Lower East side is the trendy shade of the Manhattan. You can tell the difference by noting the respective wardrobes people wear and also the profile of residents.

Upper East side is known for it's upper class residents, most them are politicians, famous designers, artists, editors of magazines, lawyers, bankers, and the rest of the upper class army of the nouveau riche.

Who could not forget Gossip Girl and Sex and the City? Powerful series depicting the beauty of New York, and most importanly, the beauty of Upper East side. Upper East side apartments cost about $2 million to $10 million dollars. Botiques and other stores have a relatively higher priced comodities than stores at Midtown, New York with the same product due to high rents for their space.

I almost instantly thought, "where am I?".

And then an answer would struck me, "Oh! your a 5000 miles away from New York, remember? Your living in a second world country. And are at room 213 of Ipil Residence hall enjoying the vicissitudes of Philippines Politics and a stricken life of being a college student. Haven't you thought of that a long time ago? Wake up Adrian!"

Or so i thought.

Ciao! God Bless! dsfsd