CUL-DE-SAC, again?

CUL-DE-SAC, again?

a commentary

Novemeber 28, 2008

Pinoy Cinema kept bothering me as I ate lunch on a cafeteria yesterday. I could not remember hailing a Pinoy movie or, worst, changing my name into that of one the Pinoy character's.

My class before lunch, which i do not like to name, gave me enough reason to drool over stress and to reconsider my position as writer. I gave a speech, and most of you know that this feat is not my winning stance especially if i had to prepare my discourse for 10 minutes. I included in my speech a very personal experience: writing my characters in my novel.

I spoke in front of 29 people about inner lives(imagine?) and i asked them to be more conscientious. it made me quite a loser. Miss 'POP' gave us a topic: Is i would change my name what would it be? I didn't stutter or faint but i missed a lot points that i have to talk about. I had my last public speech in front of 1200+ people during graduation day.

So much for that screwed speech(and i promise to do well next time) Pinoy cinema kept bothering me. Metro Manila Film Fest 2008 looms ahead and i am not quite sure if it's a good thing to consider Filipino films as rewarding enough to receive the spotlight of my thoughts, hence my blog.

Of course the breakthrough of finding Ploning introduced me to a whole new tolerance level for Pinoy cinema. I am planning to watch it this comming Sunday. Some of my cinephile friends like Carl, surprisingly liked it.

CUL-DE-SAC, overrated!

Friday night. Party time for Roselyn, Bar hopping for Felice, a Trinoma/Twilight get-away for Almira and Louise, or so i thought. I guess my plans for Friday constitute a darkened room, a bag of chips(Mr. Chips), and a friend from next door. Sometimes half of my dorm acquiatances, if i am too kind to lent the small space of my room, would be invited.

Picture this: an audience plus me sitting in front of them viewing the first film. I always get to choose the first film, but sometimes when faced by a large pack of audience people get to make the decision. The first film running, and last night it was MAGNOLIA (1999) directed by paul anderson, and Melbert was the only one available for the three-hour film.

After the film, i called it a night and opened my browser to research film. And i found this:

Polanski's second film, entiled CUL-DE-SAC. Thrilled as a gun, i reconnected by dying thoughts to Pinoy Cinema, and found this:

And this:

The thought of putting two teaser trailers starring the Big Boy is enough to sicken my night and induce a nightmare in my sleep. I mean, what the heck, big boy! What is this notion that you are trying to say? A crossover film from singing to indie film acting isn't gonna do good for you and for the 'Pinoy' cinema. Crossovers are bane to the industry, and it has been polluting the cinema for years. Knock it off, Big boy. To give you an example, everybody should have remembered or watched this:

Okay, that just doesn't do it Big boy. Or better yet, a musical would do you good. But a crossover from singing to indie film doesn't legitimize a singer as an actor, but hey, don't worry, i have a good example of a successful crossover. Remember this:

Jennifer girl here hit to the TOP!

An ample warning for Big Boy.

"Cul-de-sac" seemed to be repeatedly used as title numerous times on different media. This is the second one, for me, the title "CUL-DE-SAC" was used for a film, first by Polanski and the second was that of Big boy's. What the heck! is it a little overrated to use it again?

TRIVIA: CUL-DE-SAC will hit SM cinemas on December 3. That would be a Wednesday. So anyone who wants something different from Twilight(poison), try to watch this film.

Have good day everybody, That's all!

Oh! before i go to Antipolo, this is for BIG BOY: