ETERNITY and A Day: Welcome, O! Greek Cinema

ETERNITY and A Day(1998):
Welcome, O! Greek Cinema
a commentary and a pre-critique

Pardon me, i cannot find a decent clip with English Subtitles, but keep reading!

Comment: I cried on this film. I was torn and humanized. It was a self-discovery, a cinema that is emerging and becoming known. I longed for this kind of films. It explores similar themes to THE WIND WILL CARRY US(1999) and A TASTE OF CHERRY(1997), both Abbas Kiarostami's works, and also to ELEPHANT(2003) by Gus Van Sant. I treasure this one with all might. Greek cinema has finally shown it's contemporary tapestry because i only know Greece by MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING(2002). What Theo Angelopoulus gave us is something superbly fundamental and philosophical. It touches the strands of our beings, it's like a violin bow streaking it's sentiments from our emotional fibers, extracting music and the soul. It is magical to see these films.

United States stayed cold after the film's premiere. a disappointing fact, but a legitimate situation. Eternity and a Day(1998) should not only be released in US alone but to the world cinema. it carries with it universal elements centering in man's struggle on the dichotomies such as Life and Death, Youth and Aged, Happiness and Indifference. The film teaches us to preserve hope, to preserve humanity in each of us, and to strive in believing in mysteries.

No wonder why this film can reach my TOP 20 list for 2008 MOST REMARKABLE FILMS of the YEAR.