I Have It: Two books for Five Years

I Have It: Two books after Five Years

a reflection

Virginia Woolf. One of the leading writers
of the twentieth century.
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Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy flowers herself.

Virginia Woolf's first sentence constitute the confidence of a writer. During my pubescent years i recall reading Virginia Woolf's biography in Microsoft Encarta and i wondered how insightful her life as a writer. I always wondered what Mrs. Dalloway would be i read it.

I had two versions of Mrs. Dalloway, both are at its poor state and incomprehensible and distasteful. I always look for a cover art that will stand out, that will characterize its content. The Harcourt version is most tantalizing for such account. The texture of the books were phenomenally smooth. One could feel the people in the pictures moving and alive.

There is always a relationship between the cover art and how a reader would read the book. Reading elucidates the principles of arts. Always, when reading, the activation of beliefs, sense of taste, ideological instigations, hermeneutic perceptions forms the picture of the book. Readers form free communal relationship with elements such as those in interpreting the whole of a piece of literature. The cover art depicts, at first hand, the working images of the book that will remain to the reader's eyes as they continue to flesh it out page by page. If by chance a reader do not know how an Englishwoman-hostess would look like, given the reader is from another cultural descent without the aid of picture books and television, a cover with some staggering pictures would illuminate the picture of the wonderful lives the characters. I suppose one can imagine how the cover of the legendary Harry Potter series have helped in depicting the character. Mary GrandPre's cover art in Harry Potter series helped me during my early years of reading the process of visualizing how Harry Potter would look like.

The visual stimulation can open many lighthearted souls in accepting and loving the book world. Books are essential to human kind. It has always been the canvas for culture, for ideology, and for passion. Reading is a visual process. Spatial and contextual concepts are fundamental to this cognitive process.

After my five years of looking for a cover art of the three books (Mrs. Dalloway, To the Lighthouse, and the Waves) I only found two, Mrs. Dalloway and To the Lighthouse, on book sale at UP Swimming Pool. I am astonished by how incidental this happened: on a night, walking with friends, and last streak before Nov. 11's first day at school. The magic of finding a book is elusive. if one can find a book that you truly love, follow one's own conscience and consider cover art as co-requisite to its beauty.

Mrs. Dalloway. Harcourt version.
Cover design by Liz Demeter.
Cover Photograph: Houlton-Deutsch Collection.

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To The Lighthouse. Harcourt version.
Cover design by Liz Demeter.
Cover Photograph: adapted from Herbert List/MAGNUM PHOTOS

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The Waves. Harcourt version.
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Never stop reading.

Ciao! God bless!