a commentary

November 25 2008

I just finished my English 10 class. I walked rather exhausted from my hilarious and controversial, almost a riot, English 10 class. In order to clench my strained jaw line, (i forgive ma'am Ginny for making us laugh and laugh until i drop dead on my chair) i eyed on announcements, position posters and advertisements on the tainted bulettin walls of AS. With a quick view of the crowded, 'over-commerialized' wall, i spotted some interesting stuff like the parodied magazine covers of some orgs, or the radio broadcasting contest, i think by another organization based in the College of Mass Communication. I was interrupted by my seatmate, whom i know not by name but by feautures. I still got the comic vibes of our introductory text to the English 10 subject written by Chuck Palahniuk, entitled TESTY FESTY.

TESTY FESTY almost reflects the idea of a nihilism. I praise Chuck Palahniuk for doing it in most graphic, creative way of implicating, almost illustrating, of how a nihilist society would actually look like. Ma'am Ginny considered it as a non-academic piece of writing. I agree but Chuck really is transforming literature. His works illuminates fundamental questions about human beings and recent ideologies on human nature. TESTY FESTY, beneath the almost pornographic exterior, uncovers human nature in it's darkest, most revolting way. Graphic pictures of orgies and unconventional sexual performances creates a luring and ironically,almost repelling , environment to the readers. It also poses debates on ethics and philosophy.

TRIVIA(by maam Ginny): Chuck Palahniuk is freekin' gay. (no offense! =) ) WANT SOME PROOF? CHECK THIS OUT! (CLICK HERE!)


Okay, honestly this is my direct opposition to the Twilight, too-girly, movie opening yesterday, November 25, 2008. I can not watch Twilight mainly for the following reasons:


1.) It's too mainstream.
2.) It's too mushy.
3.) Girls who doesn't have a boyfriend dig it! (a wonderful, striking comment from Bam!)
4.) The trailer failed me.
5.) Commonplace
6.) Bad production.
7.) Definitely not an auteur film.
8.) and most importantly, i don't want my money to be flushed down the toilet for a crappy film.

Peace twilight fans! =)

So i decided to count Ploning as my ultimate movie experience this week. However, just this afternoon the strap on my MEMO bag snapped. I hate that SC fix-while-you-wait stall beside the 'LOAD' station. They surely made a prank on my new bag. Urrggh! For the second time, i have to get it fixed ASAP. I have no thoughts on Philcoa's fixing shop and decided to go for SM North's MR. QUICKIE. i brought my readings in Eng 10, my ES 12 homework and my ChE 132 assignment for tomorrow, thank God. I left it at MR. QUICKIE and of course, went to Starbucks. When i got there it was the only time i knew that my Planner sticker card is almost full. 2 stickers isn't that hard to fill up.

My watch is running late, 7 PM stroked like a bang and i have to run if i have too, just to reach the 730 PM showtime at F.I. Guess what, like you never know, i missed it.

I really, really want to watch Ploning for the following reasons(flyer from KAISA, PANORAMNILA, & UP F.I., reechoed):


1.) It is a movie about hope, love, forgiveness , and healing. Film critics & non-film buffs alike endear to its universal message.
Okay, i know these are deep themes, and if by any chance it's gonna be like Himala (1982), i would watch it. i thirst for universal themes, and i want a fresh, traditional interpretation of it. It's very rewarding that some directors like

2.) The film has an all star cast feautirng award winning artists such as Judy Ann Santos, Gina Pareno, Tony Mabesa, Joel Torre, and Beth Tamayo.

These actors are really great and they have contirbuted greatly in both mainstream and independent cinema in the Philippines. A power house rooster of actors!

3.) Dante Nico Garcia, the director, is an alumnus of UP. UP always priduces promising directors and he gives his best direction here.

You betcha! He has a blog on his Multiply account, check it out. I think Garcia will surely shine on this movie. I admire faithful directors who goes for the auteur purpose of cinema. An auteur film = really a must see for me!

4.) Ploning is the OFFICIAL PHILIPPINE ENTRY TO THE BEST FOREIGN FILM CATEGORY OF THE 81ST ACADEMY AWARDS. and we have a great chance of clinching that nomination! Watch the movie and spread the word!
I really got goosebumps after reading this detail. What on earth is a Filipino independent film doing in the Oscars? This is such a great news! This site can surely tell you how tight the competition is. Click here!

5.) Ploning was graded "A" by the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB) in the Philippines, the highest grade a movie can here in the Philippines.
I ever thought that CEB gave grades on film. It strikes my interest, oh well.
6.) ADIMISSION is only Php 80 for UP students, Php 100 for Non-UP.
Self explanatory.
7.) Catch not just one, but two (2) special screenings.
Self explanatory.

8.) There will be an Open Mic session at the end of each film screening, as the CAST and CREW will be THERE.

Be famous.

That's all for now!