Relevant Days of Pleasure: An Account of My Sem Break - 1st BOUT

Relevant Days of Pleasure:
An Account of My Sem Break
1st BOUT
a philosophical thought and a reflection

Two men at the cafe.
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BUS TERMINAL: Philosophically Trapped in my seat

The shards of time became known to me as I rode on a bus from Manila. My reference point of my journey was Cubao Terminal. For me, it is one of the busiest bus terminals in Metro Manila that is close to my heart. A lot of things happened out there and a lot of things have changed. I noticed that there were empty chairs lying on the long aisle of the station. i sat on a bench in front of Station 12 waiting for my bus to arrive at 530 PM and i was beginning to fear that this tumultuous moment shall be gone forever. So i wrote a quick account of my short experience on that bench sitting alone.

I saw a old woman and she came to me asking a question. I hesitated at first, looking at my Starbucks Venti Coffee to ignore her presence, but i pledge to talked to her again. She asked me if i saw a little carton lying around here, just a small one that a rat of a size of my palm would fit. I could picture how the carton would appear, but i shrugged my head and said no. I could not bear my position: sitting on bench with the rest of my unwanted things by side. She was in front of me helpless of her strap bags curling her wrists. I wanted to help her. But i just sat there with a heart of a stone.

What could i possibly do? Pity is such a wounded word to even perceive in my dark, luring eyes. I wonder if i could offer her a seat. I was still hesitating with a bad heart. I thought, "What could be her importance to me? A old woman carrying some heavy load, why should i take a burden of someone whom i have no relations? What is this fear that i must endure?"

I thought of these immeasurable questions for quite sometime but i offered her a sit beside me. i haven't looked at her and focused on the music coming from my small iPod. Yet the voices of conscience whispered frightful and thrilling words, the ones that i was bound to share to all those who wanted to be happy.

Old Lady Dilemma!

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Of all creatures in this planet, men have, above all, a big heart. In his most vulnerable state, his mind does not wonder anymore. The words of his heart becomes clearer than what the mind conceives. It is the state that one can experience during his most fragile stage of growth: birth. The process of becoming a man is more complex than the process of becoming a human. A man has social role, a role that exists between men living in a cultured society. This role must fruitfully satisfies the moralistic absolutes of the universe.

To be human is to be isolated from this moralistic absolutes and led his life in an amoral way. To be a man is to be bounded with such moralistic absolutes that the universe withholds and endured for millions of years since the beginning of creation. The moral absolutes are inescapable. Every human must know it exists. Moral absolutes transforms humans into men and men lead their lives under this rudimentary concepts.

During fertilization, when the egg meets the sperm, a human is formed but not a man. Moral absolutes are injected during this formation. The existence of human in a mother's womb where he exchanges responses from the mother made him exist as a man not a human. He can now call himself a man who is good, and to be a man he must adhere to this moral absolutes that are still of great mystery to us. A moral being is man not a human.

Mother and Child.
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In my quest to understanding my OLD LADY DILEMMA, my mind wonder deeper and deeper into this question of moral absolutism and the importance of throwing a hand into someone in despair.

To be moral is to be good as well as to be a man. Can this be altruism? A selfless act for the welfare of others? Or it can be much, and even more than just a traditional value that most cultures around the world exercise? What makes this act universal? What is absolute in this act?

How can this act be moral without being affected by culture?

During the process of birth, the transformation of human to man entails a transformation of the heart. This heart is the beacon of all biasness and neutrality, all human things, all men things are embodied in this complex system of thoughts and actions. The heart can be very personal possession of our own but it speaks a universal language: emotions. This emotions manifests in all fields of character, which means it both exists independently in the external and internal field of a being. The heart can be viewed as two unparalleled perspectives, depending on which field it has been portrayed (externally-smiling: internally-joy or elation) but it can only mean one thing.

This heart, in order to exists, must transform from isolation of an amoral human heart into a heart of a man who has claimed it's moral absolute through the process of human formation. this heart of a man has a fundamental role to be good and to be social. The heart yields to the power to feel not only ourselves (as what an amoral heart would only do) but also others. This power is sympathy. A heart of man has a power to be good and to sympathize with other hearts as well.
On this OLD LADY DILEMMA, this power becomes fundamentally realized. The need for a seat is not suggested by altruism alone, but basically suggested by the sympathy of the heart to give space and freedom to this old lady.

Altruism and welfare are culturally based concepts. I seek for a more fundamental ground to solve this dilemma and came with an answer: Our hearts, of men, are principally good and sympathetic. Each action, when we subject ourselves into the world at large are determined by this reference. How far, how much deviations from these truths are a matter of character of men. When we were created, we were transformed from amoral humans to moral men.

It is a matter of heart that distinguishes our moral fibers from other men. No man is amoral. Every man has a heart.

Ciao! God bless!