SERGE BOZON's spectacular MODS(2002)

SERGE BOZON's spectacular MODS(2002)

a commentary

'A Faded Picture' by THE SEEDS, one of the contemporary dances in Serge Bozon's MODS(2002)

I'm A Living Sickness by Calico Wall, one of the contemporary dances in Serge Bozon's MODS(2002)

(via panarchist and supposed aura)

Comment: Magnificent and spectacular! A new style in cinema. I was searching the internet for some contemporary films, or rather any form of films, desperately seeking to legitimize my own cinematic eye. Hoping to find more of Abbas Kiarostami or Gus Van Sant, i found Serge Bozon's MODS(2002) at Supposed Aura's blog.

My first response is thrilled and then subliminal, watching people dancing spontaneously, and making unique personified movements. I found it laughable but as i casted more critical view to it, i found it intriguing and spectacular. I admire the 'auteur' vibes of it actually. It's a masterpiece. It shows that France haven't lost their sense of culture or art, it just evolved into this whole new age, relatively quite radical from the past few years.

I am quite certain that Bozon here did quite a unique film. It's one of a kind.