some blogs that should be continued


a commentary

If by any chance you are a friend of mine and you can identify yourself on this post, please spare me a chance to say sorry for disturbing you or making your life miserable(exaggerated)! Peace! :-P

Without further ado, i present to you the "BLOGS THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN/BE CONTINUED."

1.) koNik-tions:

"Sa mga magulang ko, magulang ng iba at lahat ng mga magulang, sa kapatid ko, kapatid ng iba at lahat ng mga kapatid, sa mga lolo at lola ko, lolo at lola ng iba, lahat ng lolo at lola, sa mga kaibigan ko, kaibigan ng iba, sa lahat ng mga kakilala ko, o kahit hindi, GOOD NEWS! MAY BLOG NA AKO!"
BEST POST: GAME! - Wednesday, March 26, 2008
"...And that's how I spent much of my childhood: with joysticks and keyboards, I fight to enter castles and to get out of dark caverns, I save princesses, I slay dragons, I fly rocket ships, and I save worlds."
COMMENT: Dude, why stop? This blog has a good root, good nutrition but less conditioning. I hope, KoNik, that you would still continue this. I really enjoyed your "GAME!" post. It's like piercing into your mind. Not in a psychopathic way, but more psychoanalytic (why am i saying this? I'm so weird!). Finally, a gaze to a friend's mind, everything is in here. The hermeneutics of your post is consuming.

2.) Slippery Minds:

"Yes, I'm poor. Deal with it."

BEST POST: Only Sun - Wednesday, April 2, 2008
"....He stared at the moon, a moment
And wished upon the satellite
A whisper in the dead light

'Bring me to a place
where i might find
Something that is mine'...."
COMMENT: I love this blog! I know, i know, i have to preserve your anonimity Mr. C, but i really love it. Your being true to yourself, and emotional. I like emotions. I like it when it flows so poetically you cannot escape the beauty of it. I like it when it is written, when its legitimized in a page or a sheet of paper. It seems like peering into C's darker side. Wooooh! Gloomy, dreamy! I always like Mr. C's consuming poems, it's subliminal. He's on leave right now, i don't know why.

3.) TapsiBlog at BetBlog:

"Let me end this post by saying: "..." " (OMG! best way to end a post!)
BEST POST: The Beginning of a New Blog - Sunday, October, 12, 2008

"The field of blogging was one of my least interests. This idea never occured to me whatsoever. My friend, Adrian Mendizabal,(me, yuppee!) just convinced me to start my new blog. He is a very eager blogger. It took a very long time before I actually started my blog. To tell you the truth, I'm a very private person...."

COMMENT: I think all English Major stud should have a blog. Consider it as a tool for learning and writing, for crafting opinions and for exploring ideas. I like it when keith puts it: 'my apologies to any crimes and abominations I might be committing in field of bloggin.' Don't worry keith, the only 'crime' you committed in blogging is making a blog and not continuing what you started. I have to say that you write so well, so precise, much like a well-taught English major' I am fascinated by the structure of your . Clear, consise, coherent, and fun---necessary elements to make a good post. I am looking forward into seeing more of your blog posts. Thank you for listening to my weird rants about blogging, and i did convinced you.


"There’s nothing wrong with wanting someone attractive." (i believe so!)

"Blogging has made me feel a bit prouder of myself. I consider myself accomplished for at least doing something productive in my life. And one of the many good things that blogging has done is to establish writing as a way of life and a bailiwick (specific area of interest, skill, or authority)."
COMMENT: This blog has a good layout. It's nice. I think Cecile is honest with her words here. She writes very well. I applaud her style in writing. She stopped posting entries last September 17, 2008. I hope will she continue this one. it's a very nice blog.

That's all for now!