ABOUT ME (Semi-Formal)

This is my "about me" page. Honestly, i hate pages like this. When I started blogging, this was the last thing that i have in mind. i find it idiosyncratic and selfish to write something about one's self-aggrandizement. It just doesn't make sense. However, i felt it was a necessary thing to do. So here it goes!


Me, Myself and I

I am a college student from the University of the Philippines - Diliman taking BS Chemical Engineering. i took the course because i like it. But i like other things. I like things that can be studied. I like things that are spontaneous and whimsical.

I write. When i was twelve years old i wanted to be just like J.K. Rowling. When I was fifteen years old, i hated J.K. Rowling and dreamed of becoming James Joyce. A year later i wished i was Fyodor Doetoyevsky, the Russian novelist who write anti-hero stories. Two years later i wanted to become a Russian and live in St. Petersburg. Yesterday, I was nineteen and I wanted to become a film critic and live in Upper East Side, New York City. But today, after turning twenty, i just wanna become a film blogger with a Doctorate Degree on Petrochemical Engineering.

My friend said:

Adrian is like Chicharon—he’s special.

He is a sunshine that greets those dear to him with bursts of radiance that makes them feel good and special about themselves. Some people may come and go but not Adrian. Once you become his friend, expect him to be there for you always. He’s like a malignant cancer; you can’t just get rid of him that easy. He’s always there to make sure that his friends are in perfect condition—that no harm is upon them. His friends are very lucky to have him as a friend. The very fabrics of their existence would not be complete without that extra string called Adrian.

He’s the gin in a martini, the clams in a linguini—a friend to you and me.

- Keith Hernandez Cipriano

Aside from all that, I spend most of my college hours watching lots of films. What I mean by “a lot” is not a seventy (too few), nor a hundred (few), nor a thousand (moderate). Let’s just say I hit the 2,121th film last Sunday with Yi Yi: A One and Two (2000) by Edward Yang, and my 2,122th film last Thursday with a Filipino classic Tunay na Ina (1939) by Octavio Silos. I write criticisms about them and send it somewhere over the internet.

My all-time favorite film is Tokyo Story (1953) by Yasujiro Ozu because it is very close to my heart. My favorite film about love is Un Homme et Une Femme (or A Man and A Woman, 1966) by Claude Lelouch because I fell in love with it on my first viewing. My favorite national cinema is French cinema because it stayed with me through the years: from Lumiere to Vigo to Renoir to Truffaut to Godard to Lelouch to Rohmer and to Desplechin. Vive la France! My favorite local contemporary film that stayed with me is Raya Martin’s Now Showing (2008) and my favorite Filipino film of all-time is Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang (1974) by Lino Brocka.

But this is not who i am.


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