a poem by Adrian Mendizabal

It's lonely for the night to mend.
surface are half truths
by the macabre of the night
Hymns shatter'd utterless silence
broken by the heart
shaped like a sword
any whisper completes the tune
that left their voices astray.

In stillness rose a flight
flicker bond with a kiss
they rose
in their beds they whisper
with lips on my ear
Bind. sought night after endless night.

In they grasped and tossed,
bled and seized the rose
to stem darkly, rise a stone fire
poured the milk,
poured in, consistency of my soul.

How bright and tan
their bodies shone,
plead but resist
hover but mad
darken and taken
by blades of heart
in they pour the Milk they sought

Beyond are voices
the moon, distant;
borders came;
to the horizon, went, sparkling spree
Left are floating bodies
soaked in fire