FOCUS: Philippine Cinema
a commentary

I am so fond of reading Critic After Dark, it's therapeutic and stress-buster, especially after reading Noel Vera's critique on the Twilight Movie. I seemed to have lost my mind, blown away by his commentary on the flopped movie. I share the same sentiments with him as a blogger of films.

I absolutely conspire myself to believe that my blog is eternally and solely for the discussion of auteurs, world cinema and contemporary films. I merit it with a view from a critical and aesthetic eye and to engage people to understand not just the discourse of film but the meaning and essence of the craft.

This is to develop good taste and good personal choice. The common misunderstanding of film watching, putting the audience at the center, is it's purpose: to entertain. Yes, of course, it is fundamentally important to account that most films nowadays are primarily aimed for the interest of the mass. Hence, there exists comedy, science fiction and horror movies. The dimension does not end there.

Most of the films have value and it's presence determines not only it's existence as a work of art but history itself. It is historically contingent and timeless. It is interesting, however, that the film concept was formulated at the break of Industrialization, and also the reign of modernism. Economy is such a great factor for it's value.

it harbors labor and employment during the production. The functions of each part, sound manager, director, actors, have a typical amount of value with a corresponding monetary correspondence, hence, wage. The basic causality of film lies behind this economic culprit that interlocks all aspects, such that, when one is singularly detached from the rest, the film doesn't make sense.

I find it hard to swallow the fact that Philippine Cinema is at the brink of complete annihilation. It's pretty evident after a walk on a local mall, stopping by the cinema to look for money-worthy films(so that my mother and father's money would be put in good use), i could not help but wonder how popular foreign films are eating away cinema spaces kicking potential homemade films of great value. Like the movie disaster, TWILIGHT.

I would like to share some beautiful songs from the old Philippine cinema! Most beautiful that i have ever heard. It legitimizes the cinematic eye!

Filipino Voices

Carmen Rosales - Tangi Kong Pag-ibig(My Only Love)

Rogelio dela Rosa - Sarung Banggi(One night)

Susan Rocess - Tawag ng Tanghalan(Call of the Stage)

Maggie dele Riva - To Love Somebody