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December 10, 2008

I met Jared, Crozet and Thor to talk about an e-Publication for my organization, PSYSC. I am excited as hell. Considering how busy my schedule is, and the propensity of my report on my BIO 1 subject, i took the job. It is a considerable and innate choice, well, this is a good way to kill time aside from my blogging escapades. At least this time i get my works published in a more legitimate way, with all the editing and lay-outing. I absolutely like the idea.

With much enthusiasm i suggested to do a column or a page in the culture section that would talk about films and series. It is a great idea indeed since the e-paper have just been revived after 9 months of stagnant immobility. It's a year-end issue which, i would be happy to announce, will also be published or linked to this blog. PERFECT!

E-Catalyst is an electronic publication, usually in .pdf format, addressed to ECATS(volunteers, official members of the organization), focuses on recent updates of past org activities and aimed to provide a good read for the ECATS. It's an internal publication but open for all.


Popcorn, anyone? Well, fellow cinephiles, i made this post to show you how i dissect movie clips, though the word 'dissect' may not categorically apply to literally using a knife and slashing the Blu-ray disc into infinite proportions. Nevertheless, i like the idea. Most of you do not know that, aside from 'auteur' films, i have been a big fan of slasher films ever since i was toddler. Thank God i did not become Norman Bates, or Patrick Bateman, or the infamous killer of this film, Mike Myers. I might have watched the film a bit late but it's a fun way to celebrate the Christmas holidays, wouldn't you agree?

Perhaps, to understand slasher flicks is to dwell and explore the mysteries of the fluidity of fear in camera canvas.

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