sex, lies and videotape (1989)

a commentary

A psychoanalytic gaze of the audience.
[if you know what i'm talking about]

Palme d'Or, the biggest catch on the A-listed Cannes International Film Festival, spotlighted sex, lies and videotape(1989) to be one of the most important films of the 80s decade. This masterpiece is alluring, actually mystifying that depletes expectations and challenges the spectators to treble and left with a cast eye fresh and unknown.

I actually and surprisingly felt how important the film was. It never sprouted from a preconceive notion that it is actually the most important film(i repeat) of the 80s decade. The control of Steve Soderberg consumes me, it was almost as if i was there interacting, listening to the characters, conversing and sympathizing with them. The voyeuristic eye is completely elucidated without exploiting the subjects. The poetic registry combined with a simplistic compelling dialogue is elusive.

It's as if the first word in the title does not connote anything but a allusion to marriage. It is a movie about marriage and cinema.

This film surely revolutionized the independent film industry of the 1990s.

The sex scenes 'are not' sex scenes at all, but poetic gestures of love.

I love these frames!

Of course, the videotapes.

Peak hole, my favorite part.

It's like a prelude to Pulp Fiction(1993) conversation of Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega.

Notice the transition of the camera shots on both clips, it's really fantastic. One can observe how the style is used differently on both clips. In sex, lies and videotape(1989), the shot was relaxed and suffocating, but in Pulp Fiction(1993) the shot was energetic and vibrant. Notice also the color of the frames.