ALMODOVAR, it's all about color!

a commentary

January 8, 2009

I have a bit of a cold. First i thought it was just phlegm and all, but then i woke up this morning with a bad headache and a mysterious feverish feeling. I thought i was going to die.

I think this just homesickness, you know. I guess the two-to-three-week vacation composed of: sleeping until 10 in the morning, waking up with a cup of coffee and a film to watch, laughing with mama, talking about politics with papa, feeding and petting my dog, has brought me further into disillusionment. Yes, I still have this jet lagged feeling of the semester maybe because of the two vacations that i had.

I boarded a plane last Tuesday. it was my first time in 9 years and i was very excited. With so much luggage, i arrived at U.P. half-dead. Of course, thanks to my God-given strength i was able to bring 22 kilos checked-in luggage + 10 kilos hand-carry ones. It's would have been better if they permit trolleys until the foot of that ladder below the taxi bay. Urrg! And () didn't even get me a taxi! Too bad! But we met a little later for lunch.

Anyway, hope this would go away forever, i mean this freakin' cold.

Sorry for the bad English. Passive lahat... haha! reflecting how passive i am in going to my classes today!


Everything, for Almodovar, is color. The grandiosity of the frames is thrilling, inescapable, as if taking every speck of the rainbow. Everything is luminous. Of course, yes, that's gotta be a little off the hook, too pretentious and unrealistic. However, i find it really effective to view Almodovar's work in terms of the color of the frames.

There is something universal happening in every second, how the color interacts with the dialogue, how it accentuates the characters feeling, how it creates a whole new world. It's almost like an eye candy.

Here are some prominent frames that i wish to emphasize.

I just love how Almodovar fuses high angle shots with psychoanalytic images.

Notice the red chair on the right side of the frame. He's a perfectionist.

It's like the opening scenes in Dexter.

Question: why did Almodovar placed Penelope Cruz on the right side foreground? It's just so odd given there's a bunch of leaves on the background beside her. XD

New technique! Who could have thought this is shot in a translucent mirror!

Color again!


That's all for now, more on recently acquired films later.