LAMORISSE and Coffee

a commentary

Good morning guys! I'm enjoying my coffee which i prepared an hour ago so it's icy cold. I am in the middle of my extensive review in one of my major subjects, but in between my heat transfer thoughts i recall a short film that i wished to put emphasis on this post. By the way, how are your post-Golden Globe modes? Who revolted against Slumdog, anyone? Who adored Kate(me! me! me!)? Anyway, my thoughts on Albert Lamorisse brought me to showing you a portion of the film, White Mane(french- Crin-Blanc, 1953). Watch YouTube video below.

First of all, Lamorisse is a great director for children films. I do not want to put his film as a 'genric' to other children films(i.e. Lion King (1994), Sound of Music(1994)) because they exhume an immaterial aura which made it transcendent to it's predecessors. Winning at Cannes for Palme d'Or for shorts, White Mane is not a typical children film. Though this transcendent quality of Lamorisse's films other than White Mane would categorized it as unwatchable for children, i might disagree to that.

White Mane caters for the young audiences. It is seemingly a heroic portrayal of this young kid in taming a white horse. On a deeper level, it appeals to the concept of liberty and friendship which young children could identify easily. The element of the mane draped with white skin is universally acknowledge and can be viewed at multitude of perspectives. This interlaced quality of perspective of watching White Mane transcends it from typical children films which are musically fueled. It is highly entertaining and astonishing. It appeals to all walks of life.

He's the man!

Anyway, my coffee has gotten cold as ice, and i have an 830 class at the Bio pavilion. i wish to spare more of great and important films to watch for, but i must insist to discontinue for now.

May you have a good morning, a hot cup of coffee and a meaningful film experience(if by any chance this would push in your schedules) this morning.