a reflection on blog

Sometimes, I suck like a 'Spielberg' on HTML stuff. I usually drop over HTML tutorial sites and blogs to get some tips and some codes for wrecking, rearranging, and beautifying my irritating, darn, bloody blog. I want to thank TIPS FOR NEW BLOGGERS and the other site i forgot, i deleted my web history, I am sorry for that. So with the grueling hours of debating whether to scrap the old, eyesore, aesthetically challenged blog, i welcome you to my NEW HOME.

So what's up:

1) Three Column Blog - I really wanted to make to this one for my blog but i never got the guts to do it. I am stuck with the scribe shit-colored main wrapper (the part where your blog posts are situated) and sidebar backgrounds. I hate brown because it does not accentuate what i am writing and i hate my favorite font style, Garamound, to blend with it. And i hate the way i crowd my sidebar, i want every element to be distributed.

With this freedom to a two-column sidebar, i can put anything: from polls to pictures, to lists of films, and essential links to ease navigation of my blog.

i can see how this blog is getting bigger. i have 250+ posts including drafts and unfinished posts. So for the coming months I'd be serving you enough cinephilic juice to fill the whole cyberspace.

2) Grayish Background - I admit it, the big problem for my blog last year was the background. i love the cinema draping, i love how it unfolds, all it's creases and meticulous stitches. but this unprecedented change made me realize that in order for my pictures to stand out, the battle of the color of the background and a hue of the picture must be resolved. So i must, and i repeat that, i must choose between destroying the picture or destroying the background. I destroyed my past background and settled with the light gray hue.

I was thinking of having a white background but it's too common. To add a bit of originality to this one, i chose gray for aesthetics. Gray is elegant! Gray is precious and submissive. It is mysterious and ambiguous. Gray is representational to cinema.

Gray simply means, in cinematic context, that we cannot look and judge a piece of film art in absolute sense. There will always be 'gray' areas in film criticism. So this would be the point of the gray thing.

3.) POST TITLE thing - My old post would comprise of two titles, the one that links the post and the one that is centered and in bold-typeface to put title to the post, in a basic sense. I wanted to put it to establish emphasis and formality but that does not seem to work. So with this new scheme i would scrap out the boldface, centered title and stick with Bloggers' title with link. It's a good thing because it's less crowded to look at. I am now trying to remove those darn titles to improve the posts.

I hope you enjoy the new look of my blog site. This is a revolution! I am very please with the results though i still want to improve it to the webmaster level.

Anyway, that is all for now. More talk on films next time.